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Dental treatment. Tooth extraction.

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I (82years old) have mastocytosis. One of my teeth has to be extracted. Has anybody had any experience with local anaesthetics and the necessary medication for the procedure?

Is there a dentist in London who would treat under the circumstances, private or NHS. I am quite desperate and very grateful for advice.

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I had a tooth extraction last year and have systemic mastocytosis. My dentist wouldn’t do it in case of reaction to local anaesthetic so I was referred to dental hospital and had it done in a theatre with an anaesthetist on hand in case I had a reaction. I didn’t. I had the tooth out under local and then took paracetamol for pain. It wasn’t very nice and I had a bit of a reaction with my gut and exhaustion afterwards but nothing dramatic

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Klimi in reply to Mothertay

Thank you very much Mothertay. It’s good to know that there isn’t necessarily a serious reaction.

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