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Skin cancer



I am prone to depression and have just seen doctor about a spot on my neck which she said might be a basal cell Carcinoma. Has anyone experienced this. I am very worried and stressed

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Yes I had one removed off my chest . It’s a rodent ulcer . All fine if they take it off. Don’t worry you’ll be fine .

I have had several basal and squamous cell skin cancers removed over the years. Please see a dermatologist every few months for a check up.

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Had it on my leg, removed what was on the surface then used a cream with chemo in it for 3 weeks on two off then 3 weeks on again. This all started in June, it is now just started closing up, it could have been worse so can’t complain.

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Thanks for responding. Keep frequent dermatology appointments this skin cancer deal is never ending. Keep in touch Molly.

I’ve had BCC and a Squamass cell removed.

Any spots or raised bumps on your body, get them checked ASAP.

Transplant patients are at much higher than normal risk of skin cancer, so it is important to have all suspicious lesions checked. This is especially true in sunny climates.

I've had lots of them removed over the past 30+ years and it has been fine as long as you get your skin checked regularly you will be fine

I’ve had two BCCs and a Squamous cell removed. Keep checking your body, load up on the sunscreen and see a dermatologist.

Yes prograf can increase skin cancer risk BUT they are treatable. I recommend seeing a dermotalogist for annual check up.

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