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Hi,after my doctor advised me to visit the NHS web site and read about kidney transplant, I stumbled across this forum and bought I'd say hello.

I am 58 and have CKD and I am currently being worked up for transplant. My gfr is about 17 and apart from some itchy skin, I feel great. I have always been active with walking my dogs and cycling so hope that will continue, whatever happens.

There is so much to take in, and to be honest I feel a bit daunted by the whole thing. However, after reading some of the posts it is very reassuring to know that people are managing it very well. That is a comfort.

I look forward to reading some more on here.


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Sorry to hear that you have joined "us" but there is lots of hope so don't let it get you down. I can only say that this is a new chapter and the Medics do know what they are doing so listen carefully and do as they recommend. There may be difficult times ahead whilst you get " sorted out " but hopefully, lots of good times. These outweigh the bad.

Transplant is wonderful and you come to realise what a vital organ a kidney is at times like this. Good luck


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