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I am 31 years old and planning on becoming a donor. I currently working for a law firm in Indonesia. My colleges give me a hard time for my plan. I want to do something in my life that i can proud of. I dont drink, I dont smoke, I run 3 days a week, swim twice (at least), weight lifting 2 days a week, I march for 13+ km at least once a week with weight on my back. I do not consume any bodybuilding supplement (somehow i believe that those supplements contains steroids). I try to gain a faith on my own plan. I hope some one able to give me somekind of a enlightment regarding this. Its sucks thou, to live an ordinary life. May be being a donor can give a little meaning on my sucky life and a chance for others. I dont want to donate my kidney to an old man, I want to donate for kids or teenagers. They need the chance to see life, to be the best they could and not repeating the same mistakes like I did. email can call me Kohaku

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Hi there!

This is a wonderful thing that you are planning. I don't know much about the health system in Indonesia, but in UK you would start talking to your regular doctor and progress from there, or contact your nearest transplant centre and talk to them. I'm sure you'd be very welcome!

A way you could also make a big difference to your people for generations to come, would be to volunteer for wildlife projects that protect your incredible wildlife, but that would be a whole different conversation.

Good luck with your wonderful plan!


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