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Sponsor Me!

Sponsor Me!

If you haven’t already seen me post this link onto my Facebook profile, Tweeted it or spotted the topic on the TA forum here it is –

I’m taking part in a sponsored Knit-a-thon, basically some students from Coventry University thought up the idea of trying to beat the world record of the biggest number of people knitting together in one place at one time. The current record stands at 937 and on the 17th March we hope to beat that figure. The event is being held in aid of Comic Relief, but me wanting to be different is getting people to sponsor me in aid of Tourettes Action.

I thought the event seemed quite apt as I’m currently having Habit Reversal Training and knitting has been used as the competing response to my hair pulling or tricotillomania to give it it’s proper name. As TA are soon to be holding an event to train future HRT therapists it would be great to put something back as TA have been very helpful in the fact that I’ve made some friends through TA and you can’t beat support like that!

So please take a moment, follow the link up there and help TA run events, fund research and support us ticcers and their families!


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