I coulda been a blogga!

Some nice person from HU sent me a post to say I should start blogging and I said I would, soon (always tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow with me) but then I realised I'm actually blogging in my replies anyway

Anyway, guilt took over and here I am ten mins after I said I would someday, somehow, somewhere...actuallly posting my first blog

Apparently, we have to put song titles or lines from songs in our blogs but I wouldn't stoop so low as to denegrate my work. I'm a professional, an artist I could've even been a contender!!!

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  • HI Nomad

    Good to see you here on Health Unlocked. I know that you are a regular contributer to our website forum, so thank you for taking the time to split your time between the two!

    HU is continuing to develop and we hope that it can be used as a resource for people to easily access information on issues relating to health, such as medication, self help techniques for managing symptoms, and experiences of therapies and local support from Health professionals/teams.

    We look forward to reading more blogs from you in the future.

    Best wishes

    Helen @ Tourettes Action

  • Thanks Helen

    I actualy got a reply

    I'm still shaking with excitement of somone actually responding

    Oh OK, a little over the top maybe


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