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You Little S%!*s

Believe it or not, another song title, this one I wouldn’t expect anyone but a hardcore Stereolab fan to know. Quite apt as usual as I’m feeling out of sorts somewhat, I’m having anger management problems at the moment, I’m not sure if I should take it out on the overgrown hebe outside or use my relaxation CD. I’m not sure what’s eating at me could it be that I’ve gone through the hell of PMT then period pains with…..NOTHING! WTF? Still angry. Pete’s escaped. My GP tells me not to worry things will sort themselves out. I’ll try not to worry.

My other problem is with my meds or rather the lack of them, I last had a dose a week ago, meanwhile calls have been made by myself, the village pharmacist, and my GP, faxes have been sent (and ignored) I not sure what’s more stressful the fact that the landlord has put up the rent or that I’ve been without Aripiprazole for about a week, but I have managed to survive a trip to London (two trains, two tube journeys) and a trip to see my HRT therapist (four trains, two buses) and some chavs who met with the wrath of a pre-menstrual Mosey, usually when met with stares I ignore them, particularly chavs in an enclosed space (train to Brum) but these specimens just happened to share the same space as me on the wrong day “I wasn’t staring at you ….you mad b*!%h.”, “Good, keep it that way!”. Little s*%!s. I just wished they would have got off the train before me. I’m quite lucky really anything could have happened.

Luckily I’ve received a call and my meds problem has now been sorted, there’s a prescription at my GP’s surgery! At last.

Apart from this hiccup my Habit Reversal Training has been going well, with the added bonus of some aromatherapy (supposedly period inducing basil) it seems as though my HRT sessions will soon be coming to an end as I’ve successfully tackled a biting tic, got my tricotillomania almost under control (haircut tomorrow) and Mr Susan (head jerking tic) has been somewhat reduced.

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Just wondering how HRT can be used to treat trich? I don't see it as being that similar to a tic and don't feel the urges could be controlled in the same way?


I Love you Cath, you worry so much about life when you are just bloody lovely! I'll try to phone you over the weekend x


I'm ok, it will be good to hear from you, going to sat with my brothers over the weekend, middle brother on friday, little brother on sat, as it's his birthday party. The BT guy never showed up yesterday so I won't be online until after the weekend. Doing the brother tour without Pete J. I say Pete J as not to confuse him with Pete M - my brother.


Hi Twitch - I got called that at school! HRT was originally developed to treat trich and it was found to work well also with tics. There is an urge with hair pulling but it's a much longer urge which can go on for about an hour or so unlike a tic urge which is almost insantaneous.


Doesn't matter how lovely someone is Garry, live can still be shit


Glad you got your meds sorted and I think, under the circumstances, those chavs got off lightly


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