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The Day After

The Day After

I’m feeling just a tad hung-over but very happy. I had a great night last night amongst friends (it’s a real shame that some had to leave to get the train back home). It was one of those days when you’re not alone, you’re amongst kindred spirits and you realise how important it is to get together with others with TS. You can’t beat that feeling when you know that there are no reasons what-so-ever to suppress your tics. I can now categorically say that my open-mic nite was a success, the company was excellent, the music was great and the food was delicious, all in all a fabulous night and I’d like to thank everybody involved from the bottom of my heart.

My habit reversal training seems to be going well I have had a couple of days this week when I’ve been “bite-free” but yesterday was quite a bad day for biting as one thing that happens when you get together with ticcy friends is your tics seem to get a bit worse and we kind of bounce off each other like our tics are having an independent conversation, hence I’m feeling a bit more sore and bruised than usual. The only minus seems to be that the risperidone that I’ve been taking doesn’t seem to be working as well as it once was, but as I’ve almost stopped the biting tic I’m feeling quite positive and not too worried about the not-so-effective risperidone and very happy in the knowledge that I have a great (sorry about the over-use of this adjective) consultant and a lovely HRT therapist.

I have unfortunately found it quite hard to do the relaxation exercises over the last couple of days due to me being a bit of a stress bunny fretting over the minutest detail in my arrangements, and then compounding this worry by then worrying that I’m annoying people with my incessant pointless moments of panic. So now in hindsight there was nothing to worry about really and now onwards towards my nest little project. Please message me or comment below with any ideas for me to amuse myself.

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It looks as though my brother had a good evening too. Here's his blog.


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