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Hi all ,

i wondered if anyone had any advice on how to relax and unwind in the evening ,

Work is hectic so when i get home my tourettes goes crazy !!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can chill out ?? what do you guys do in the evenings??

I usually end up watching TV or listening to music but i want something different to try !!

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My son plays his Xbox (he's 14). He's on Skype so he chats to his friends whilst playing & something about the focus involved in successfully making a head shot from 300m in Battlefield 3 seems to re-channel the energy that would otherwise come out as tics.


Have just been to the gym & it got me thinking. My son never tics when he's swimming (between lengths, yes, but not when actually swimming). I find swimming really good for relieving muscle pains as well, so maybe that would help?


Hi there, here are just a few of the ideas for relaxation (and help with tics) that I have heard from others with TS. Cycling, running, walking the dog, going on the Wii machine, writing poems, songs, and blogs, painting, singing, playing various instruments, coaching athletics, playing football or other sports, going to the gym, baking cakes and acting!! Good luck with whichever pursuit you choose, but most of all enjoy it and have fun. Best wishes. Julie


my main unwinding activities:

pc games, playing music (never underestimate the power of playing an instrument to calm tics) and reading :)


thanks all for your good suggestions , i will take them on board :)

i was given a guitar for xmas but i can never seem to concentrate for long enough to learn how to play it !! i really should buck up my ideas and focus on it >

once again thanks for all your ideas


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