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Many Rivers to Cross

Many Rivers to Cross

We had a good meeting yesterday in Birmingham, but today’s blog is really a message, I’m not expecting it to be read and digested by the intended recipient at this stage. I don’t expect she’ll want to even consider reading it at this stage. But we’re all routing for her and here for her for when she wants us.

I thought I’d tell her about a something I figured out the other day, usually I share the same beliefs as Esqueleto, if you haven’t see the film “Nacho Libre” and you’re in a silly mood see it, it is though for me a bit of a echolalia fest (NACHOOOOOO!) but it’s Nacho’s (Jack Black) tag team partner Esqueleto who gets quoted the most by my echolalia, one of his memorable quotes being “I don’t believe in God, I believe in science”

In my humble opinion enforced baptism isn’t going to do anyone any favors. This logical belief system that I share with Esqueleto is what makes life fir together and things become logical. Nature requires there to be differences, so no two leaves would be identical, this goes for people also so, some of us aren’t what we’d describe as being neuro-typical (a bit boring, statues, like everybody else). Just before Easter I was walking through Coventry city centre where there was a preacher and various members of his congregation, one woman was addressing the passing shoppers telling how Jesus cured her cancer. I probably would have put her recovery down to her chemotherapy, the point at which the cancer was detected and treated and a number of other factors that a doctor would be able to explain. Despite the difficulties that my Tourette’s syndrome often causes me, me personally, I’m not really after a cure, just some understanding, so please, don’t try to Baptize me, lay hands on me or send me to Lourdes, I’m OK. It’s taken me a while to reach this point and if you speak to anyone else with a disability they will say the same, that it’s been a long journey to reach the point of completely accepting that your condition is part of you. Part of that journey is the big “Why me?” question. In response to the Easter preacher and the woman cured of cancer, my TS had its own answer “Jesus doesn’t love me, he gave me Tourette’s” This got me thinking (shout first, then think) that if God did exist, and of course me having TS is his doing “Why me?” Well, the answer is simple, it’s because I have the strength to deal with it and come out the other end tougher, also because now I’m at this point I can help others reach this point also and hopefully help make a difference. It takes a long time to turn what some may see as a negative into a positive.

I have however had some help with this matter, help coming from the fantastic friends I’ve made via Tourettes Action, such as Ruth and Jess amongst many others and my nurse at the Barberry.