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Don’t Make Me Angry !!!

Don’t Make Me Angry !!!

I was going to blog about my little trip down to Oxford yesterday, but I’m not. I was also going to blog about the “Tourette’s awareness woman” on the bus home, ok maybe just a quickie, there I was waiting for a bus ticcing away as per usual and a woman joins the queue and says to me “I know how you feel” “Oh, no, I have Tourette’s syndrome, I’m fine” I reply. I tell her a bit about TS, she asks the usual “medical model” mode of thinking questions such as “There’s no cure is there?”, she takes a seat on the downstairs deck of the bus, I go to the less populated upper deck, from my seat I can hear her “That lady’s got Tourette’s you know, like Pete Bennett from Big Brother!” she carries on in this way for a bit longer, meanwhile upstairs me and a guy upstairs have a bit of a chuckle about it “I’ve got Tourette’s you know, hahaha”.

What has wound me up today is a little email, just a little email from a man we love to hate, Philip Davies MP, the reply has come to me as I signed an e-petition and emailed him. I would like to point out to you despite what Mr Davies thinks I am capable of watching the news, even the news on Channel 4, I don’t need help to understand it. I can also read, as well as reading the transcription on the Parliament website, I read several online news articles, and as anybody who knows me knows that I’m not really one for reading newspapers like The Sun, I like a bit more to read than that, so amongst others I gleaned my information from The Guardian and The Independent. Wow, look Mr Davies the woman with Tourette’s can read!

Here’s his little gem of an email, enjoy!

Dear Catherine Mosey,

Thank you for your email, although it is clear from it that neither you nor the American organisation whose petition you signed have actually even bothered to read the speech I made in Parliament.

You may wish to know that the allegations made against me on the Care 2 website are inaccurate and defamatory, and that five national newspapers who published reports similar to the email you have signed up to send to me have had to publish corrections.

If you would like to read the full transcript of my speech in Hansard it is available on the parliamentary website.

I hope that in future you will be more careful before signing up to petitions organised by this American website.

Best wishes

Philip Davies MP

I think I will reply in due course, let me think of a witty reply. Here’s a transcription of his speech, read from 17th June – column 1035 onwards.

Also have a look at this website, some great cartoons, it where the picture above came from.

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Always when I'm posting something about Philip Davies, things go wrong, you know links disapear, Facebook comments disappear, here's the link to the transcript ofthe discussion where he came up with these mad, bad ideas -