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Almost the way it was

Almost the way it was

Well it was a good day. Almost the way it was "before". The usual vocals were there of throat clearing and sniffing. Hardly any motor tics that you would know unless you understood what to look for. It was a nice day today. Aimee wore her TS hoodie today for some reason on the least ticcy day in months. I think when she knows she is going somewhere different she uses it as a kind of security blanket "just in case".

There isnt a lot to say on good days.... but I do smile more. So does Aimee. xxx This is our life now, this is my baby girl. I am so proud of her and her sister Megan for coping the way they do. I have never worried about the future so much in my life! Im going to find it very hard to let go of the wee one. Megan is fine, head on straight and knows what she wants and who she is. Very rare in a young adult. Aimee I worry about. She is my baby girl and I cant help it. What does the future hold for her? Today was a good day so I will worry about it another time! xx


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Hi there,

Grace my 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with having TS in March this year, I am coping really well, I think, I am on my own with the two girls April is 5, and deals with it very well.

Every day is a challenge, Grace does'nt know she has TS, but she know's she does things a little different, can I ask where did you get Aimee's hoodie from or did you just get it printed?

Kind regards Liz


Glad she had a good day. Is her TS hoodie one that says she has TS or do TSaction or TSScotland do their own hoodies now?

I have a badge from that says something like 'I have tourette's please don't stare'. I don't wear it that often but I don't like to go anywhere without it just incase, particularly if im going somewhere new or where i don't know anyone.


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