Are You Aware?

Are You Aware?

Are you aware that Tourette’s syndrome Awareness month has just recently come to a close? I was aware of it, our American Facebook friends were well aware of Tourette’s syndrome Awareness month. However here in the UK we don’t have a Tourette’s syndrome Awareness Month, or week or let alone day. Oh dear. So, I was talking to my boss about this, my boss being TA chief executive, who agreed with me we should have a period of time where we can raise awareness. As you are aware (I wonder how many times I can use the word “aware” I this blog post?) us Brit’s don’t yet have an awareness period of time, there isn’t a European TS awareness period of time either….soooo girls and boys, (drum roll please) introducing to you….the master plan….well not yet formulated and very much still in the imagination of me and the boss is a TS awareness week in Europe, a pan European Tourette’s syndrome Awareness Week. Hopefully, when we are aware that there is a date on the calendar that we can call our awareness week, we will endeavour to bring awareness to the un-aware using our wit and charm. Just watch this space to be made aware of a European Tourette’s Syndrome Awareness Week.

Something else I’ve been aware of is the fact that I’ve just spent some time googling my exes. Is that weird? Just curious, I am quite nosey by nature. However some exes are more googleable than others. Ex number 1, can’t find him, common name, but here’s one of his best friends from school singing. tourettes-action.healthunlo... .

Ex number 2, again VERY common name, impossible task. Ex number 3, he’s on Facebook, we have a couple of friends in common from uni, and he looks just the same, he looks very happy. Ex number 4, well, blow me over with a feather, 3 friends in common, that I wouldn’t have thought he knew and is a successful artist, exhibitions at the Saatchi Gallery. I must say, he’s actually improved with age. (I smile to myself)Ex number 5, disappeared without a trace, despite the unusual name. Ex number 6, just the same, same house, same job, same ex. Ex number 7, could say the same here again, next year he’ll be teaching my partner’s nephew, but I knew that anyway ( but my nephew doesn’t). What have I learnt from this, well not a lot really, expect that I used to go out with a successful artist? I don’t hold any grudges against any of these men; I remember them fondly and have learnt things about myself and life from them. Sometimes I wonder how things might have been had we not have gone our separate ways. I am now aware of some of my exes, maybe there should be an ex awareness week where you think about your exes.

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  • How many disorders, illnesses etc do have awareness weeks/months in the uk? I'm not saying that we shouldn't have one, but i'm not sure it's in british culture so much. though ocd has 2 awareness weeks, due to having two separate charities, i think. Would you be trying to organise it so it's at the same time as the one in north america? that would definitely give time to prepare ;) and would make it more co-ordinated.

  • It depends on when there is a week free on European Awarenes calender, but about a year away would be ideal so there's enough time to get the media on board. Tiying it up with the USA would be quite an interesting thing to do too.

  • I think a Tourette's Awareness Week is an excellent idea. Be really good if it was at the same time as America too. Time to educate the brain deads! ¬ ¬

  • Another idea was to have it around the same time as Gilles laTourette's birthday at the end of October.