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T.S. and Fluoxetine (Prozac)

I am 26 and have just recently been diagnosed even though I have had it since I was about 7. I have tried and failed to deal with the symptoms and the consultant who diagnosed me put me on the anti-depressant Fluoxetine as it apparently can help with the symptoms. No noticeable results after a week but I was told it could take longer to kick in. Has anyone else been prescribe this drug for Tourette's and have they had any benefit?

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Fluoxetine/Prozac same drug will help you with OCD repetitive behavior Tics after about 4 weeks.


Hi Kevin

I deal with meds a lot in my job and also work with people with TS and OCD amogst other things so read quite a lot about it

From what I can gather Fluoxetine can work wonders for some people with OCD but there ias no evidence that suggests it works for tics

However, there is a possibility that if it helps your OCD as the stress of that lessens then perhaps your tics will decrese slightly


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