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Just say no!

Just say no!

As I'm sure I may have mentioned in the past, I have been advised to consume zero caffeine. Did I listen? Of course I didn't because apparently despite the Dr. having all his qualifications, I am right! Well actually I say that with complete and total sarcasm because I am not right at all.

We've all done it I'm sure. But it seems that it takes me many more times than most people to learn my lesson the hard way. Caffeine really does increase my tics, anxiety and reduces my attention Span even more than it usually is. I am officially on a Lucozade ban after I went on a bit of a bender and ended up so full of tics that I had to physically tired myself to a chair to stop myself hitting my head among other things. This has not taught me my lesson however as I still drink Coke and coffee by the gallon load! In order to stop myself drinking caffeine ever again (except for when I am really really tired) I actually filmed myself in a caffeinated buzz. I hope that by watching it while not under the influence of caffeine, I will realise how ridiculously stupid I look after I have got completely wasted on the stuff!

From now on, I am only having caffeine when I go to work because that is the only time I'd really need it! However on a funnier note, one of my more recent tics has been shouting 'talk to Frank'!

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I'm rather patial to a nice cup of earl grey.




Funny you should mention Earl Grey because a couple of years ago doing long hours and bored I yet again tried it - it's something I've always wanted to like but didn't - to my suprise I loved it and been drinking it since. The other day I realised I'd not had it for ages but bugger me if I can ever remember to buy it but this post has teruly inspired me to greatrer things - I trhink I might buy some later


If I could stop consuming that would dramatically reduce my tics I'd never touch it ever again

I have come to the realisation that, despite the protestations of unqualified and usually work-based people, caffiene has no affect on me at all

These well-intentioned (aren't they always) quacks are horrified on the rare occasion they see me have a fizzy drink and concernedly ask me is it advisable due to my obvious hyperactivity and I jsut tell them straight - if I was any more hyper I'd probably be a basket-case

Some even actually say OMG don't drink that you'll be bouncing off the walss

I say: I already frigging well am now sod off - in the nicest way possible of course


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