Just a Silly Song

Just a Silly Song

I’m in a good mood today, procrastinating as per usual (surely not). I should really be reading and writing my response to the SEN Green paper which is due in a few days, trust me to leave things to the last moment, and to write it here where my boss can see it. I don’t know if anyone else has the same “problem”, it’s a wordy kind of problem, where an already written song starts to develop new lyrics of its own accord. Now, I’m no song writer, my brother was responsible for the lyrics to the Al & Ned Theme soundcloud.com/cmmosey/the-... . I have written songs in the past, serious songs, I’d say a cross between The Smiths and XTC, but what seems to be the reoccurring theme is that silly lyrics pop into my head, sort of on the lines of Victoria Wood or Tim Minchin but being accompanied by somebody else’s melody. So here’s what has been tormenting me for the last couple of hours, bearing in mind that I am coming around to the idea of easy listening, (I do like Astrud Gilberto and have a couple of albums, I particularly like the ones with Stan Getz) but NOT Barry Manilow! That is the problem; I’ve got a Barry Manilow song stuck in my head with new lyrics. It’s a very silly song about my consultant; hopefully he might get the funny side of it and forgive me for my factiousness. The melody by the way is the very cheesy “Copacabana”.

It’s Doctor, Doctor Cavanna, He’s a smart sophisticate,

And he might like to be your mate.

He’s a Doctor, Doctor Cavanna He’s the cool Italian,

If you’ve got tics then he’s your man.

Within the crowded clinic he works from nine till five

He’s got ideas to make you better, who could ask for more.

It’s Doctor, Doctor Cavanna,

The second best place since Havana

It’s Doctor, Doctor Cavanna,

Lalalalalalalalala (There’s no lyrics for this line)

It’s Doctor, Doctor Cavanna, He wears a stylish suit,

Some think he’s kinda cute

He’s a Doctor, Doctor Cavanna, He’s got a big smile,

And it’s because he’s read your file.

Within the crowded clinic he works from nine till five

He’s got ideas to make you better, who could ask for more.

This is where the lyrics run out fortunately. I hope this silly song doesn’t affect his credibility. I’m very happy with the treatment I receive and would recommend him.

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  • With a name like Cavanna you have to use it in song! (My neurologist has a Russian-sounding surname so I think it would require some skilful lyric-writing to find rhymes!)

  • I think you've done a good job Cath. I already knew the tune so I didn't play it but your lyrics fitted perfectly. Hope to hear some more. We could have a TS Poets corner here. It's what you might call Poe'tic' licence. :)

  • There once was a lovely doctor from Turin,

    Whose tablets I did throw in the bin,

    When he asked "Why?"

    I started to cry.

    That charming doctor from Turin.

    That was just a little ditty about aripiprozole.

  • : ) : ) : ) Very good. I've awarded you 3 smiley faces. 3/3 top marks! Keep them coming...

  • There was a young woman from Belfast,

    Up the career ladder she did climb fast.

    She joined the senior management team,

    This was once but a dream.

    My clever friend from Belfast.

    Another little ditty, this one for my neighbour whose just coming to the end of her first year as a member of her school senior management team. (that's a deputy head in oldskool speak) which is pretty impressive for a 32 yr old.