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Do You Love Me?

Do You Love Me?

I seem to have become afflicted with another ridiculous vocal tic, if I just happen to ask “Do you love me?” please either ignore it or like my friend Little Clapham treat it as the Boosh quote that it is.

I’ve had an interesting weekend, thanks to both my TS consultant’s colleague and my psychiatrist I’m feeling better, my Aripiprazole has been reduced and my venlafaxine has been increased and I’ve been keeping myself busy. Yesterday we had a group support meeting in Birmingham, this time it was interesting to meet parents of young children that have been diagnosed with TS, I’m looking forward to meeting their children at a later date.

So here is where my new tic has come from, if you are under 15 (DVD guidance) skip this vid and move on to the next!

Here for both Little Clapham, Julie and one of the Mums yesterday here’s a crimp.

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Of course I love you just don't tell Loverman Pete, you know how passionate he is he could go bananas - not!

Do You Love Me - The Searches I think

Glad stuff is going OK for you lately and with htr emeds you're not shaking all over and the Brum meet sounds to have gone quite well

You coming to this Bowlin' n Boozin' thing first week in June?

How about you LC?


Oh Em Gee! I just had a thought. Perhaps the stress of that old romantic Pete the Love-denyer denying love exists, especially from him to you, has brought this partic tic out

Scary eh! (shudders a cold shudder)


I admit I am in need of some love and I can do symphahise with poor Old Greggs plight, feeling like a freak (although I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be a transgender merman) who's in a very much one-way relationship with a man who doesn't love him, unfortunateley I don't have the Funk.


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