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No worms on the bed!

No worms on the bed!

Watch this video first, then read my post!

That noise is pretty funny huh! Wooo wooow wooo wooow! Well I make it around 10 times a day! It's one of my favourites though, crazy but harmless! When a member of staff asked where it came from I showed her this video and now she calls it my 'worm' tic!

Today I met some strange little animals at work. Spiny mice. I have never heard of spiny mice in my life until today! They are really cute though, but as their name suggests, quite prickly, not like regular soft mice.

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That's sooo cute.


Been away from here for a while as my tics etc have been so bad lately I haven't even had the patience to read let alone answer the blogs

I've had the odd day of replying to a few posts on the forum but even then it's only been flying visits

Not gfot any headphones with me and there's none available at this library so will rty to watch and post tomorrow

So glad you seem to be settling in so well at youir work placement Lenci it's doing you the power of good I think


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