Ship Arriving Too Late To Save a Drowning Witch

Ship Arriving Too Late To Save a Drowning Witch

I’ve just come back from a visit to my GP and I feel so frustrated, frustrated to the point of tears, I felt like s&%t before I left to see her now I feel worse, but lets rewind to how I got to this point. It all started Saturday after a few days of feeling down to the point of being suicidal I took the plunge and called my local crisis team, I didn’t know what to expect from them, now in future I don’t expect anything apart from the phone number for Mental Heath Matters and to be advised to do some gardening. I didn’t call Mental Health Matters but I did dig and rake a bed ready to sow some carrot seeds and plant some onion sets and felt a bit better, but now I’m back to that original state of mind where I feel that I just can’t carry on. The woman who I spoke to told me that she would get in touch with my psychiatrist’s secretary to book an appointment to see him, but I haven’t yet heard from her and today is Thursday.

Fast forward to Wednesday, still feeling pretty s&%t and wondering how I would cope with the 2 buses and 4 trains to see my Habit Reversal Training therapist I manage to get there but feeling like anything could tip me over and render me a tearful, suicidal mess. I relay past events to her and tell her some of the problems I’ve been having to which she swiftly books me an appointment to see my GP, (re suicidal thoughts, water works problems), manages to speak to my elusive psychiatrist on the phone and gets me to see the other TS consultant (my own is away) who reduces my dose of Aripiprazole, back to the yucky medicine as my psychiatrist did suggest that the Aripiprazole may be lowering my mood.

Now, I’ve just come back from seeing my GP and feel like I’ve been wasting her time she just wants to wait to see what happens, I definitely don’t have a urinary tract infection, and she doesn’t want to adjust the dosage of my venlafaxine, it could be just me being a bit sensitive but I feel as though she was a bit annoyed with me and she could be treating somebody who’s properly ill.

So, I’m just left to my own devices to try and combat these feelings and get to grips with a bag of onion sets.

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  • ((hug)) I know what it is like. My mum used to call the crisis team up when I was in a rage or depressed and they just gave crap advice or said, 'we're too busy'. My psychiatrist suggested clothes shopping as therapy once! Where the heck would my Mum find all the money? I hope you're okay soon, I hope to see you on the 16th. The aripiprazole made me feel very ill as well so youre not alone. It's just another 'amazing' new drug in a long line of 'amazing' drugs which have turned out to be pretty rubbish.

  • I was only on 5mg!

  • Sorry to hear you're feeling so rotten and don't the medical professionals just drive you mad! I always get the feeling that I am wasting their time too! Hope everything comes together soon and you feel better. x x

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