Tourettes Action



If it doesn’t rain, it pours. After a nice day rushing around IKEA, avoiding other people’s children, I’d rather move around slowly picking up anything that catches my eye and have a good poke, prod and sniff of the item, but instead I was instructed to be FAST “straight in and out” by my friend, a male friend as if you hadn’t have guessed. Saturday isn’t a good day to go to IKEA – as I said ,full of other people’s children, without having Dave on my back “come on hurry up!” and little children running around the experience would be a whole lot more enjoyable. So after a detour via Asda and Machine Mart (a man and his tools) we get back in time to see Wales win against England, what a game, it was very close, I have my fingers crossed and hope that we can now go on and win The Six Nations Tournament, and also a very Happy St David’s Day for tomorrow to my fellow countrymen (and women).

I woke up on Sunday feeling ok, until I stood up, my right foot was in absolute agony, my foot looked ok, my partner suggested that I might have trod on something, like a splinter, I really don’t like wearing shoes at home, so as soon as I get in off they come, but as I thought no marks on the bottom of my foot. The pain was worse when I stood on it, I just couldn’t put my weight on it, it hurt to move it also, it was Sunday so all I could do was just sit down, take painkillers and wait and see what happened, Monday, the same, there’s something definitely up so I call my GP, he booked me an appointment and advised me to rest it, take painkillers and put some heat on it, a warm hadn’t done much. I managed to limp my way to my GP it turns out a tendon on the bottom of my foot is inflamed, Plantar Fascitis, I did have a think about how I could have done this and the only thing I could think of is that I have been whilst walking shuffling my feet left to right inside my shoe whilst it is on the ground (does that make sense?) Does anybody think that this could be possible?

So, unfortunately I have been somewhat incapacitated, well not able to get very far, I’ve been doing such womanly tasks as the washing-up, ironing, cooking etc whilst standing on one leg like a flamingo, I was also planning to go along to a burlesque dancing class at my local community centre, but it would just be too painful, difficult enough to stand without shoes let alone dance in stilettos. Ouch.

Luckily today my foot is a bit better which is good as I’m off to Birmingham tomorrow (this would involve a walk across Coventry city centre and walk to the venue) I’m attending a conference with my friend and colleague Julie, so it will be good. I will fill you in soon.

But anyway here’s some nice music, Jimmy Smith, a few years ago he played at Coventry Jazz Festival, unfortunately I didn’t find out about this gig until afterwards, however a friend ( a fantastic Hammond player) went and thought it was amazing, shame, as soon afterwards Jimmy Smith sadly died.