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Since my last blog post I have been in the wars. Firstly while bird watching, my Tourettes decided it would be a good idea to have a massive tic in my neck, forcing me to look right at the sun. OCD then took over (and a bit of morbid curiosity I will admit...) and I stared at the sun for about 5-6 seconds. Afterwards my vision in my right eye (I can't look through both sides of the binoculars at the same time luckily!) was blurry, coated in yellow blobs and everything had a blue glow around it. I went to the emergency doctor who said that she couldn't see anything obvious but there was definitely 'something wrong'. I have to see an opthamologist, but typically of the NHS, they seem to have forgotten me somewhere in the system. Over a week later, my right eye has still not regained sight and I still see various coloured blobs in front of my eye.

I was so stressed, another episode of IBS was triggered. I also had a headache. A REALLY bad headache. Almost immediately I knew exactly what it was. Sinusitis again. I went to the GP who agreed that it was sinusitis and I am on antibiotics. My tics, as usual, have decreased since the onset of the sinusitis, and are slowly but surely worsening as I get better. Hopefully I will be feeling better next week because I am going to see my Dad.

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Hi Little Clapham

Sorry to read that you have been feeling so unwell. What a horrible thing to happen to your eye whilst bird watching. I hope you recover really quickly and if your eye is still playing up I would suggest you go along to your local eye hospital drop in session. I too like bird watching - did you see any interesting birds before your tics kicked in? We have many different species come to visit our garden and this week we have been visited by a Mistle Thrush. They nest here every two years and it looks like they have chosen my neighbours silver birch this year. In 2010 we had the pleasure of watching the same pair make two different nests for their two broods and even got to watch most of them fledge.

Thinking of you and get well really soon.



Strangely enough... it was a mistle thrush! Strange coincidence!


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