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how would I know if I got echolia or tourettes

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Echolalia could be a tic disorder, such as Tourette. A visit to a neurologist was how we figured out what was going on with our son.


hi echolia isn't a tic is common with autism which i have ..when younger and very occasionally now i always used to repeat sentences..but more recent just in echolia it can be as soon as u hear it or a few days etc later when it pops into your head and as it's common to have no filter between brain and mouth the words are just repeated ..whether they be a bit rude or not..Never actual swear words though just either clean or dirty words that were heard what is the diagnostic criteria of tourettes


Thank you for your insight!

You might find this article from Tourette Association of America helpful in answering your questions about criteria. Their website is great for any questions you may have about TS.


Thankyou x


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