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Just like ticcs, I’ve noticed my suppressing varies.

There are times, I am consciously suppressing and this is like a forced suppression, tiring, stressful and builds up anxiety.

I also have noticed what I personally like to call natural suppression.

When this occurs, I am not always aware I am suppressing right away and it is less tiring, stressful and anxious.

I believe some of the times I natural suppress, is due to years of forced suppressing and I now suppress automatically in certain situations and I find it hard to turn this kind of suppression off.

This suppression is not really useful now as I have learned I don’t need to suppress anymore, I am more at ease with my ticcs in public.

The other kind I believe is down to something similar to self-preservation.

It’s a bit like when you go under water you automatically hold your breath to protect your lungs.

In some situations I automatically suppress to protect myself from possible confrontational situations that I perceive may result in a bad end.

Only after other ticcers have pointed out that I am suppressing at times when I wasn’t really aware, that I started to look at myself more and notice these different suppressions.

I can see now, how my suppressing has a negative effect on my co- morbs and the long and short of it is I’m better off ticcing and learning to become more accepting of my ticcs than I am suppressing.

Suppression does have its place but I believe that’s up to the individual to decide when and where that is.

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Harry is, (unfortunately), a huge suppressor of tics (both natural and forced), just as you brilliantly explained it in your post (apologies, I've only just seen it for the first time now) and I was curious to know more, if you're happy to share that info, (either here or via a message), about what the negative effects suppression has on your other co-morbs as I think that might be something I hadn't considered and may well be the case with Harry.


Laura xx