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Will the Worm Turn?

Will the Worm Turn?

Until a couple of days ago I wasn’t too sure about Red Ed and his suitability to lead the Labour Party, but my estimations of him are rising. I did feel somewhat dejected and as though my political leanings and beliefs were too left of centre to be considered and felt quite naive that my colleagues at the Neurological Alliance had thought that the NHS reforms will go ahead and it’s just something we have to adapt to. Over the last few days it’s come about that it’s not just me that thinks that the NHS reforms should be ditched, Ed Milliband is thinking the same way, so is Andy Burnham (more on him later) so are many organisations representing healthcare workers including The Faculty of Public Health, The Royal College of GPs, The British Medical, Association, The Royal College of Nursing, The Royal College of Midwives The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the The Royal College of Ophthalmologists. However despite such widespread unpopularity Cameron wants to push forward with these plans despite even a Tory stating that the bill should be ditched and Lansley should be taken out and shot! So if you have a moment please sign this petition, help Ed, he’s been posting this on his Facebook page, help ourselves it would be an awful situation if hospitals would have to make up their income from up to 49% private patients thus increasing waiting times and also allowing “any willing provider” to treat patients, Haven’t they learnt anything from the recent situation involving PIP breast implants?

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a few days, I’ve been feeling a bit off kilter, you know what I mean, which brings me back to Andy Burnham, the MP with the nicest eyes and longest eye lashes, and the man who though I was applauding him, but he wasn’t know clapping isn’t listed as a tic on the little fact cards that came with my identic card! I’ll let him off on that one but one lady who was at that particular event thinks that he owes me an apology, but he has taken up the cause of mental health (which needs to be done – taking the bus to Nuneaton when you’re on a real downer is impossible) here’s his recent speech - Ex-Labour Party enforcer Alistair Campbell has been out and about a lot bringing mental health issues out into the fore, which is good, I’m beginning to quite like the bloke. (Is that ok?) Thinking again about my own fragile mental health and the fact that my coprolalia has increasing become more risqué and controversial and that a trip anywhere further than the village shop is a dangerous mission, I have another ESA50 form to fill in, I hate forms at the best of times but this one is a particularly bad one. As somebody on Facebook said earlier with regards to the Welfare Reform Bill “Please, let this stop.” I feel very much the same way with regards to the Welfare Reform Bill.

I forgot to mention that I’d also be returning to the topic of the Neurological Alliance, so here I am. As a result of a recent report by the National Audit it has been found that a service for us folk with neurological conditions is patchy, like we didn’t know that already. Even reading through posts on the Tourettes Action forum it’s obvious that services for people with TS is patchy, I’m one of the lucky few who has managed to get an excellent TS specialist who as well as treating myself and others has been one of the TS specialists who has been doing extensive research and training medical students along with his colleague, but I know of two places in the UK where this is going on, The Barberry in Birmingham and St George’s down in London, I know for both clinics the waiting lists are LONG and every adult who’s diagnosed should have access to such services. If you have a few minutes to spare, please follow the link and share your experiences of neurological services.