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Does anybody know how to make your eyes feel better especially first thing in the morning. I have been to the eye hospital and had all sorts of tests. But they have said that my eyes will not be better until my thyroid is under control and that may take 18 months. I have seen the endo and she said that it is up to me and the eye hospital whether or not I have radio iodine

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Have they diagnosed you with Thyroid Eye Disease? Have they given you eye drops?

You could try selenium, 200mcg daily, as that has helped my eyes.


Hi, yes they have given me eye drops and ointment and at the moment I am on 15 mg carbimazole a day and have been for 14 months. My eyes are sore but not all of the time and every now and again it seems as though I haven't got my glasses on and everything is blurred. I went to the hospital about a month ago and due to my age  I would be better off with radio iodine which they are working towards in July 


I refused RAI as it can make TED worse. Make sure you do some research and dont get pushed into something which is permanent.

Try the selenium, it is supposed to help bring down your antibodies.

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