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Advice Please?

Hi, I'm Vicky. Was recently diagnosed with Grave's, about 6 months ago. Hypo. Doctors have not started any medications or treatments. Options have not been discussed at all. I have never been so frusterated as I am now. Is there something I should be specifically asking about? Can anyone tell me about thier choice in treatments, good, bad, ugly? I just want to be able to give the docs some suggestions because apparently they have none, Other than to continue blood tests every 2 months. But still so nothing even though results are continually not within standard range. Just wondering if anyone would care to share their thoughts on medications, or no meds, treatments, ect. Thanks.

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Hi Vicky,

Sorry no-one has replied to you yet. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease nearly 3 weeks ago and was put on Carbimazole by my Endocrinologist. Prior to that I was put on Propranolol to help me with my symptoms. I am surprised you haven't been put on anything yet? Have you been referred to an Endocrinologist/hospital at all? Graves Disease has to be treated straight away, although I am hyper not hypo so I don't know if that makes any difference treatment? I would suggest going back to see your Doctor and not leave until you know what to do next. Good luck!


Ashley thanks for responding, I have literally yesterday been given a script for methimazole 5 mg. I have seen the Endocrinologist this whole time. ;) My last blood work says I am starting to turn Hyper instead of hypo. It just keeps going between the two.

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I think it's very dangerous to not be medicated!!!! I live in the US. Just diagnosed the first of February. They put me on Methimazole but I couldn't tolerate it. It kept me nauseated, weary, weepy, no appetite, dragging. Changed to PTU and it's made ALL the difference in the world! You need a new doctor IMMEDIATELY! You will learn that you are your own best health care manager now, so trust your instinct, insist on what you need, ask for what you have to have to feel supported and keep going until you get that.


Hello! I'm in your position right now. I've been diagnosed with Graves and hyper since May and I was given atenlol and methimazole. Last week I had a severe reaction to the methimazole and have been off for a week. I saw a new Endo yesterday and she really did not want to put me on PTU. She said I need to have the iodine treatment or surgery. Of course I don't want either. She gave me the PTU and I'm going to take this but I was wondering how it's been for you since you've been taking it? Has your doc. Pushed the other treatments on you? Thanks for any answer you can give. I'm desperate