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Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum having joined this community in search of some answers. For the past months, actually over 12mths I have been experiencing extreme fatigue, hair loss, brittle nails, a cholesterol reading of 8.4 and more recently within the last three months, I have suffered chronic constipation, weight gain, bloating and just generally feeling very unwell. Two months ago i had an upper respiratory infection my second within a couple of months. Since then i have been experiencing pain and swelling in the left side of my neck and my thyroid gland seems tender to touch on the left side.

I have read quite a lot about Subacute thyroiditis and subsequent hypothyroidism and feel sure I am suffering from some form of Hypothyroidism. I have not been to my local Doctor yet but have been to my local clinic to have a Thyroid test done prior to attending my Doctor. My Thyroid test has come back as Normal.

I would appreciate any advise as I am concerned that my Doctor will go by the results of my Thyroid blood test and not address the physical symptoms, which appear to be getting worse. Recently i was admitted to hospital with a partial bowel obstruction due it appears to adhesions from previous bowel surgery. (I had part of my small and large bowel removed nine yrs ago due to advanced pre-cancerous growths) I have no doubt that my chronic constipation added significantly to this episode and more over that there will be more episodes like this.

Thank you for reading and my appreciation in advance for any advise offered.

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i am getting ready to have weightloss surgery,,i have graves and no thyroids,,but this weight i have gain is terrble so this is what i am doing so something can help me ,,with my weight ,,i no this is not a fix,,but i figure if i am eating something not right this surgery will let me no,,and i have been to some support meetings and i seen were a woman has lost over a hunderd some pounds and done great,,,,