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MMR and autoimmune hypothyroidism?

Does anyone have any information on the safety of having an MMR jab with existing autoimmune hypothyroidism?

I have manage to get my bloods done today to test for immunity - I had mumps as a child, and my rubella status was checked during pregnancy so I assume it's ok. I did have measles jab aged 1 according to my medical records but I am still being advised to have the MMR is the results show that I am not immune to measles.

I love in South Wales btw and work in the community, hence my concern. Both of our children are fully vaccinated..

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Do they vaccinate adults?

I never knew of any Thyroid connection when I had my 4 children vaccinated - is there one?

However, my daughter has refused MMR for her daughter as she's had rubella anyway (daughter & hubby noticed changes after son vaccinated, maybe he's just a bit hyperactive?). Of course we're told it's very selfish to refuse (but she has 4 times) I understand the trouble at the moment in South Wales - at our school we have had to issue alerts to parents to get kids vaccinated, per chief medical officer directive.

It's your choice. Please be aware it no longer contains mercury but aluminium. The fear was some kids not being able to cope with getting rid of the mercury (just what my daughter tells me - no one is medically qualified here) however she herself got measles straight after after the MMR. I had mumps at 19 (so in theory my immunity went to my kids during breastfeeding but I didn't have measles- so who knows!)

Sorry, I just don't know, just wanted to reply as this is on our family's mind too. Jane :D


Thanks. There is plenty of research showing a link between the MMR and autoimmune conditions. Obviously already having autoimmune hypothyroidism leaves me predisposed to developing other autoimmune conditions - something that I'm keen to avoid! Yes they are offering the MMR to unvaccinated adults - we can transmit the disease too, but I'm wary if it's possibly going to led to other problems.


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