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Anybody had a weird out moment, after an out of breath attack or in week leading up to it?

Last week or so Ive being feeling funny. Not HAHAHA but peculiar. Its a case of somethings is going on but my brains not been let in on it yet. No idea if its for the better or the calm before the storm. Something is happening.

First thing I noticed changed last week, was my touch, via hands makes me feel as though my skins waxy, as in how candle wax feels. No matter how I wash my hands its the same feeling. Yet you can hear and see how dry my skin is in places. Yet I feel like my skins made out of wax.

My skin has broke out on my face and I have spots on my spots on my spots. My backs same spotty self. Not all the spots are the usual acne / boils. Some are what I can describe as mini volcano shaped, with a dip in the top. They are red crusty around rim, hot, itch and sting and the sting goes quite someway into the skin.. No pus they just sit there, no redness around them.

The more weird thing is, I have acid reflux. I have to take acid converters or else. I forgot 1 dose.Normally when that happens I just pay for it until the following day or I eat mints to ride me through it. In fact I noticed when I went searching for something else I had not taken it for 3 day and nothing had happend. No change in what I was eating, everything just the same. On the 4th day the acid reappeared and I took the medication again and it settled as normal. Now I find I take early evening and Im finding Im not suffering leaving it that long.

I'm suffering more with feeling cold than normal, yet the sides of my neck from shouders to ears to temple. Plus front part over throat and the thyroid are kicking off some chronic heat and it glows red too.

I had a big scare on this week yesterday, Thursday. I walked to my appointment. It was a slight up hill just a very short distance. Walked at my usual slow pace, by the time I got to the building I was fighting for my breath. I could only breathe through my mouth and in short breaths, even they juddered. I shook when the juddering occured. My heart I thought was going to come out of my chest it was thumping irregulary that bad. I was red hot and I could feel the heat pouring off of me. Mouth completely dry. I presumed I was bright red but the receptionist said I was grey/blue and my lips had a slight purple tinge. It took me about 10 mins for it to subside. When it did I burst into tears, that feeling washed right over me. Then it stopped and I was ok.

Receptionist did say she wanted to phone for an ambalance but I said wait let me sit down and catch my breath. They had a first adier come over and sit with me and he did ring through to the call centre to get some guidance on wether to get me to A & E. They just said as I was lucid and responsive to see if it stopped give me sweet tea to sip, any slight change for the worse then ring for ambalance.

During this out of breathness. I felt very distant yet very calm, Despite fighing to breath, things were very odd, I can only describe as though I was in a soundproof bubble slightly stood to one away. I could myself hear, talk, feel hear what the first aider was saying. etc. Just not any of the noises, phone, talking etc going on around me Yet at the same time it was like I was watching myself and not feeling anything too. Surreal weirdness. That part freaked me out more than fighting for breath. Then when my breathing eased and things went back to normal this odd sensation bubble burst and sound smells everything just exploded round me in an instant. Its hard to describe the whole feeling.

I rang my GP and reported it, I popped in and had my blood pressure taken, it was fine, heart its usual dodgy self. I mentioned to the nurse about the odd sensation and she said to mention it the GP when I next saw her, and is was probably the shock of it all that made me feel so odd.

Stupid thing was Monday I rapidly walked up a more inclined hill in a rush to the hosptial for a chest Xray that I was running late for. On Wednesday, I had walked further to my local shop and carried small amount of shopping home not a problem. I did it twice. I walked up a more inclined hill in a rush to the hosptial for a chest Xray that I was running late for. So this weirdness was out of the blue.

I have had no auras or weird smells until just this second, with the hot wallpaper paste smell and taste. but I feel somethings different but cant pinpoint what.

Anybody had a weird moment pop up?

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Hi several things spring to mind. Make sure iron./ Feritin and B12 and Folic acid levels are OK, bloods. Even though it does not sound exactly like this. Also 2 diabetes tests, bloods , Glucose and the better HbA1c, The thing it sound most like, to me, is Atrial Fibrullation ( AF,) not too serious, very common, but it needs diagnosing and if positive, anti coagulation vital as high risk for strokes.without.ECG no use for this, unless very lucky ,as very intermittent.First recognised medical test is to take your H<R ( pulse) 3 times a day, make sure you include when "odd". When in AF at that time, HR swings quite dramatically. Useful if possible to do BP at the same time. If A HR goes high which it often does in AF BP normally goes low at that time. Do this a two weeks charting the results. If definitely not right, show GP and ask the GP to arrange a home cardiac monitor, this does tiny non stop ECG`s, & day monitor best but normally 24 hour one. you just wear it and ignore it!

Best wishes,


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@ Jackie. Im on Iron, double strength as I have anemia. The level of my iron is in what is referred to as the heart attack zone. As I'm well, below low range normal. Its been like that for some years, never had an issue like the attack, black suit case lade eyes, bruising typical, cracked lips corners the classic markers Ive had for so long I dont recall what I look like without the anaemic look. The Iron doesnt seem to rise by much, but it can just drop off, then creeps back to that low level and vice versa again.

2 schools of thought here of the catch 22 which is me. I am complex medically.

1 = Iron hurts my stomach bu tI still take it.Done the vitamin C and boost this or with that, but I dont seem to absorb iron. wither that or its because I have a constant recurring internal haemorrage due to my ovarian cyst/s which is the culprit of my blood loss and iron loss . I have had an transfusion and within days I had depleted again. The Ovarian cysts form, fills bursts, forms fills burst. Ultrasounds show the blood, Ihave had a live aspiration to the Cyst guided by ultrasound and they took out of the cyst 10 litres of 'rank' blood. Rank I was told means the bloods off and mixed up with pus etc. Its dark and looks identical to what is in the bowel except for the smell. Bowels well smell poopy. The blood from the cysts smells like badly rotting meat with a heavy iron metallic tang. Only know this as the Surgeon doing it, panicked as h thought he'd gone into the bowel. He watched horrified as he drained the cyst out and watched it refilling up as he extracted the needle. Its that quick, and comes in many sizes. Current its a baby at 15cms. Its been over a 1000cms, what you see fromthe front is not always the case for the back of it, it can be shallow or twice as large as it was when they aspirated it while I watched it via the ultrasound monitor.

2 = As my bowel system is, pretty much dead, decaying in some parts, and useless, due to, last count 25 twists. First twist is directly under stomach and dotted about all throughout the bowel system. Some are permanetly stuck twisted due to the sever mass of adhesions and cysts. Not helped as thee ovaries are embedded into the bowel, so cant remove ovaries unless they take the enitre bowel out. Adults dont live long with that kind of operation and neither do they do well in bowel transplants. All of that mess means that by the time food moves out of the stomach to be processed by the upper bowel section its gone off and any viable goodies long gone. Somedays things move normall, mostly its on strike. GP has reffereed me many a time to those who deal with short bowels syndrom, which in essence I have similiar. All send me back to GP as I do not have an actual surgical created short bowel. Petty but that is what I get from the Consultants. Even the Dieticians bang their heads against the closed doors. They cant treat me as it needs the Consultants to order it. All they give me is high calorific shakes full of the vitamins etc to try boost me up when I cant eat.

Diabetes- been checked I'm clear of that.

Dodgy ticker- blood pressure used ot be.

Pulse is hard to find, not just me for anybody trying to locate it. handful of times is how many have managed to get it. Mostly its marked' Pulse not found but paitent is clearly alive and fully aware of the fact she has no pulse.'

Blood pressure- used t be a steady 110/70 didnt alter nomatter what I did. Steady and that was it. Even labour never affected it.

I do think it is something I do, as my mum was identical never a pulse and we seem to slow our heart rates right down. How or why just do not know. When my mum was alive and having her chemo, they ran many tests on the lack of pulse but could never find why or how this was or how she managed to lower the heart down. When they learnt I too did it, again nobody could find how or why. We just do it, never consistantly its was put down to a reflex we triggered somewhow and went into protection mode. Best they could come out with. I'm far more fluent with it, well was, doesnt seem to happen now.

Very similar to my pain threshold, I'm abnoramly high in tolerating pain and somehow I can shut the nerves down and focus on the more needy pains and put others into some form of holding state. Aware of them but not feeling the pains. Cant shut it all down, always have a pain gateway open. which is why they have it on bold big letters on my medical file, if patient says somethings hurts she means its hurts as in broken limb/ 90% burn level of pain.

Lets me know if a Consultant reads my files as they cant help but comment on the notice.

Blood pressure now:

When lying down it drops off dramatically, especially seen when I wake up in the mornings having slept. Good one to keep the nurses on toes. As its now well known in my local hosptials that my BP is very low at this time so any alteration of that is viewed in panic .I also have less oxygen in my system too. Once upright with or without moving blood pressure raises as does the oxygen levels, still no pulse.

Then I get the super high blood pressre of the White coat syndrome or as I call it, my numpty Arrogant Consultant warning system. That sends me BP sky high............still never a pulse is found.

The electronic blood pressure machine cant get a reading as the extra heartbeat trips the machine out. Takes ages to get it done manually as it throws that off too. Somedays it behaves jsut long enough but they seem to be getting less of.

I had an xray recently done of my chest, for lymph node swellings so would assume if the heart has a problem it may have shown up on it.. Wouldnt be surprised it I had a hole where it should be and a note saying left home, this bodys is freaky.

Will enquire when see GP about it and hopefully scan results may show something too.

This attack is a first of its kind, hopefully last too. Will use it to beat GP and Endo over the head with to sort out the thyroid and lymph system. Think this attack may have been a warning on the strain I'm under because of it all.


Hi Such a lot, I have 12 co morbidities ,so I do understand.I also bleed all the time etc. One of the problems is that when doc find something wrong they often hit on that and do not look elsewhere I see many of the top consultants in the country but they all say I have to diagnose myself.

These are some observation. I assume you are taking Spatone? That is the easiest digested. It never does rise much in our position. I am under Gastros,( 30)years) never found them any good, except that I have always been told I need all my colon out, never well enough and now cannot have any biopsies or OPs, and I need a lot for major reasons. I was eventually referred to a hepatologist, liver specialist, only at top teaching hospitals, mostly involved in transplants. He found lots of things including , ( with a bit of help, from me) my pancreas is rotten and the pancreatic enzymes do not work.This can cause smelly stools, bleeding etc together. The exam for Pancreas is a very specific type of gastroscopy done by a specialist radiologist., in a large teaching hospital.The other more important test is Facael Elastase, a special stool test, the results idiot proof. Treatment enzymes for life, I have them on a script and must be 20mins before food, Holland and Barratt sell Creon too.Also make sure you have had biopsies ( colonoscopy) for Ulcertated cholitis etc and Caeliac disease. There is a lot more but I afraid my time is limited today.

Heart, I saw 6 cardios before by luck I found a really good one, he must be an electrical specialist ,they are also general cardios. I only found him after my first 2 arrests, by luck.I have very complex problems with heart and end stage heart disease, but you should make sure your electrolytes are all middle of range.

If I can help further, send me a PM, click on my name. I may be a while answering ,but I will.

Best wishes,



This is link and the first question is on breathing problems with hypothyridism. Have you a latest print-out if your blood test results complete with ranges and post here for someone to comment.


@ Shaws thanks read a bit of the link.

I have asthma, I'm a genetic asthmatic. It runs down the female side. My daughters have it, and like mine, it is only triggered by hot humid steamy events. None of use the inhalers unless that kind of weather condition presents.

I know asthma well and know the difference so my Endo and GP wont last long if they try that one on me.

My Endo is one of those who talks at you not with you. So will be taking that printout with me.

I'm due a blood test this week so hopefully the results will be more current than my Endo's sending them out of date approx 6 months behind.

Sorry duplicate post occured have deleted it.


I am sorry you also have to cope with asthma too. When you have health problems for a long time, you have an instinct that when all is not well it is not due to your problem. Most GP's/Endos appear to tell you how well/ill you are by looking only at the blood test. I doubt if they know many of the clinical symptoms and that's why most of us are referred to other departments to deal with what is really a hypo problem.


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