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Shingles again!

Feeling pretty rotten today - woke up with shingles again. I use to get them regularly (every 6-8weeks) but hadn't had them for approx 12 months. I Was on a high dose of levo (300mcg's) daily and felt well and no shingles. Over the past year levo been dropped to 150mcg (4weeks ago) as blood test suggest over medication. I blame the reduced levo but is that really possible? I also have severe hypo symptoms now :-(

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More hugs - left you some on FB! ;-)

Why have you been reducing!!??! :( It's got to be the reduction, surely!!



Thanks for hugs Louise:-) and for FB hugs too :-)

Long story about levo 300mcg being reduced to 150mcg now.

Basically 2+ years ago I was on Teva brand. 100 mcg packs. Then they were recalled, due to bad absorption issues. 3x100mcg daily resulted in minuscule thyroxine so consequently under medicated and feeling terrible:-(. Then when put onto new brand MercuryPharma. The test results started to improve (as they would when given the right medication!).

Slowly levels started improve and hypo symptoms got better :-) then came a point when blood tests started to suggest over medication. I felt great on that dose. The best I think I'd ever felt, I don't really know long i've been hypothyroid, probably forever as I felt bad for a long time before I was diagnosed!

Anyway Dr thought it best to reduce as too much thyroxine is as bad as none!! I said I was feeling great but decided to follow her advice as she was the doctor and knows about these things!!

4 weeks ago the latest reduction took place (now on 150mcg). Since then hypo symptoms have returned with a vengeance and now shingles have returned :-(.

Having bloods tested this morning so no doubt will come back next week to say I need an increase again!

Such a nightmare getting optimum dose correct!

I don't blame doctors as she is lovely and treats me not my test results. It's just trying to sort out right level for me now :-)

Thanks for responding to question

Hope training still going well

Wendy :-)


Perhaps you could start a dialogue about an increase..!? :(

Yeah - all going well! :-) Watch out for the blog on Sunday! ;-) xxx


:-) still feeling roughy but will next week. Have a great weekend :-) may the sun shine x


My daughter has frequent attacks of shingles, mostly brought on by stress or an allergy to nuts. She is hypothyroid too and it had not occurred to me that she may be on too low a dose...she has been on T3 for years after seeing Dr for thought.

She takes lysine during the shingles outbreak but has found that echinacea herbal tablets taken regularly strengthens the immune system and prevents outbreaks.

Lysine is an amino acid found in eggs, milk, meat (especially pork ), cheese and baked beans. Apparently, it's all about finding the balance between lysine and arginine, so eating more of these foods should help.

Arginine is the amino acid high in nuts, chocolate, peas and beer.

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Thanks Polaris not ignoring your reply but not great at mo - eye sight playing up as well as thumping headache. I'll get back to you when I'm feeling better :-) x


I'm so sorry you're feeling poorly and hope you will feel better soon. X



Are they giving you antivirals for the shingles? My friend swears that aloe vera (the unadulterated gel, no preservatives or anything added, applied externally) helped her son when he had them. You can drink it too for all kinds of inflammation. She drinks it for her RA and I've never seen her joints looking so good. Her hands used to be swollen and red but no more.


On Aciclovir 200mcg x5 daily. They work pretty well usually but started them a bit late this time so taking longer to kick in . Thanks for reply :-)


There is a homeopathic remedy - rhus tox - which gets rid of shingles, good for cold sores too. Look it up on line! Ging x

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Please start supplementing with Vitamin D3. If you are low which you will be in this country at this time of year, you will get all kinds of infections and viruses. Here is some info:-

Shingles and vitamin D

Summary: Vitamin D/UV probably treats shingles

•Shingles worse with low vitamin D, low UV, high latitude, and winter

•Treating shingles with UV lowers the pain

•Vitamin D has even been patented to help with shingles (A patent is always a good sign that it probably works)

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Thanks Phoebs. Was at doc's yesterday and asked for VitD blood test along with usual thyroid tests. When I explained that o few people had told me this. He checked his little doctors bible and agreed to do VitD test as well as saying it is an expensive you know!! :-). I just thanked him profusely with a :-) on my face left he! He! Thanks for advice x


Not feeling great today and just replied to the above replies to my question and thought I'd posted them but seem to have lost them in the ether somewhere! Sorry! I'll get back to you all later. Thank you all for your helpful advice. Have a good weekend. Sun shining in Yorkshire this morning :-) lots of natural VitD here :-) x


I am having the same story with recurring shingles. The acyclovir was also prescribed and it is something which the Doctor says to take everyday of your life 5 times a day. Horrible pills and I really hate taking them. Thank you to Ging for suggesting Rhus Tox, homeopathic remedy, can you believe I actually have some in my med cabinet in the bathroom and never knew that it is good for this!?? Thank you so much ging! Good luck to all of us who suffer these terrible afflictions all because the medical community will not admit their t4 treatment alone does not work!!


Do you take them 365days? My Dr said to only take acyclovir when I need them not continually as it doesn't cure. If you take them continually do you still get shingles or have you not had an outbreak since? Hope you are well? :-)


Hi Wendy, I do not take them continually, nor would I. But the shingles is no fun as you know.


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