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Any Pet Owners ?

Sorry if I'm like a dog with a bone :-P

but I have just discovered about Endocrine disruptors and took time out to think about when I first began to feel unwell. I remembered it was around the time I had a new filling at the dentist (still looking into this), I also own a cat and remember being extremley annoyed about fleas, and not being able to get rid of them, so I had bought a new product that had been recommended, It was very expensive but I have been very pleased with it, not a flea since, at least 5 months after treatment.

But I do remember having to hold my breath when spraying and running out of the room then having a coughing fit from the fumes. I sprayed the carpet and the sofa that I spend a lot of time on now. I cant find the can right now but when I do I will be checking the ingredients. I suggest you check your flea treatments as well, below are a few links to get you started, or just type endocrine disruptors and flea treatment into the search box.

I do feel that even though I am now being treated for hypo, that if I don't get rid of these chemicals I will not improve even on medication very quickly, and may be even slip backwards, so I intend to get my carpets and sofa professionally cleaned.

Do you have any experiences like this ?

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Hi In the eighties there was a reported health risk with amalgam and I had all my fillings changed as I was planning a family and there was a risk to foetal development. Resin was supposed to be the new safe alternative. Just shows doesn't it!



Just back from dentist, he said he hadn't heard of any people with reactions, but what do you use if your sensitive to the new composites ? don't want amalgums back.either, think were stuck :-(

Did you notice any change for the better with coposites ?


Remember that carpet cleaning fluids are also chemicals! I am looking into getting a steam cleaner so that there are fewer chemicals used in the house. To add to your list I am also sensitive to anti-bacterial soaps etc. and also hair dye. It's a minefield out there...



Yes, thanks I am bearing that in mind perhaps i should invest in a steamer too, good idea. What a can of worms, looks like I've only touched the surface .

Did your allergies develope alon with a thyroid condition or did you always have the allergies ?


Ah, the chicken and egg! My own view is that I have developed sensitivies when underactive thyroid has been untreated and then undertreated and my body has struggled to elimate toxins successfully, hence they've built up over years. However, I read that the toxins, as you have read, may have disrupted my endocrine system. I have autoimmune issues, which I've found to be prevalent in other family members but they've developed other conditions to mine, so probably a pre-disposition... I am hopeful that current treatments can help me to overcome these toxins, but it may take years. Treatment consists of eliminating exposure to toxins, supported by vitamins, minerals and a diet of protein & vegetables mainly with some oats and lots of fluid.

The worst chemicals I have problems with are dioxins, cetrimide & mercury.

If you want, I can give you more info on a PM.



Thank you for this Mary, I am Hypo which runs in my family.thank you for the offer of a PM, I may take you up on this when I've investigated my probs furthur.

Wishing you well


I had silicone breast implants done in 2008 and my health got worse, my skin would burn, I had constant sinus problems, earache, sore eyes and very sensative to aerosol sprays like my husbands deodorant. I saw dr myhill and had the lymphocyte sensetivity to silicone blood test which was very positive and she recommended removal. Two weeks later I flew to Cleveland Ohio and had them removed enbloc by dr feng (she is the surgeon who was at the silicone poisoning court cases)

My symptoms all got better and went after 6 mths.


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