I am taking 50mcgs Levothyroxine and still feeling very tired all the time, I have constant earache, headache + blocked ears

I also feel quite concerned as I have a really uncomfortable feeling in my neck. The only way I can feel comfortable is to wrap a scarf around and hold it quite tightly in position. I have GP appointment in 2 weeks time but wondered if anyone else has experience of this feeling. It's not really sore - just uncomfortable and annoying and as I said quite worrying.

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  • Hi Lindi, I did for some time, not constant but would come and go every few days when I was put on 25mg in Jan it actually got a little worse/regular but since being on 50mg 2 weeks ago I have not had it yet (touch wood!). I didnt suffer ear problems though.

    Hope you get sorted soon!

  • Thank you for your reply.

  • Hi

    How long have you been on 50mcg?

    Have you got your latest thyroid test results including the ranges?

    Helpful info here:




  • I've been on 50mcg for around 2 months. Unfortunately I'm new to this site so didn't think to take much notice of test results. I'd been on 25mcg for a few months prior to the 50's and had gone back to GP to say I was feeling quite poorly again. He increased the dose and did another blood test. He said I had just sneaked into the range to allow me to continue with 50mcg. I'll take a look at the suggested site. Many thanks for your reply.

  • My neck was really bad while i was on low dose pluss gp gave me statins which i was advised by members not to take .I used a heat spray and tryed massage . This keeps it at bay .Im on higher dose and feel slightly better now but never good .driving and computer make it worse.

  • Hi To start with you need tSH, T4 and Free T3 ( you may need T4 levo and T3) done and an ultra sound of the thyroid. Then the other recommended tests. An endo always does these if any good.


  • Thank you Jackie. I have only seen my GP so far. He hasn't referred me to anybody else. He's lovely to me but I feel he thinks I actually want to have problems!!

  • Hi GP`s tend to be like that about thyroid. The time to see an endo is when he is not helping and you are feeling bad.Then make sure it is a good one.

    Best wishes,Jackie

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