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Hi All, I am trying hard to lose weight,up to Christmas things were slowly getting better. Since Christmas however I am having a battle. I don't eat sweets chocolate biscuits or cake. I have given up bread pastry and all things wheat and most potatoes. I am vegetarian and breakfast is fruit and rice pud,lunch is veg based and tea apple and hummus. My weight is not going down and my fat level stays at 45% of body weight. I know I should exercise more than I do (I am quite active.) but pain and weather is holding me back. Anyone got any ideas?

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  • You and me both - I am a wheat free veggie as well and in the last two weeks, due to being under medicated, I have put on 3/4 of a stone - I could have cried.

    If I stumble across the secret I promise I'll share it with EVERYONE on here.

    Moggie x

  • Promise please.I feel such a failure.

  • It isn't you that's failing, its the NHS with its useless guidelines and its equally useless GP's.

    There isn't a lot we can do if our metabolism isn't working fast enough, yes exercise and diet will help a person without a thyroid condition but it wont work as easily for most of us on here. Sorry if I have depressed you even more than you already was but until we have enough thyroid hormone in our body we just cant stop the weight creeping up let alone reduce it. These few weeks of being badly under medicated, and seeing how much I have put on, just confirms it for me.

    Moggie x

  • Slimming World? I know a couple of people that have done brilliantly there.

    There's no restriction on how much you eat, only on the types of food that you eat, and I think the eating rules they have help to encourage a slowed metabolism to speed up again.

    I have a friend who has lost nearly 6 stone with them, by eating MORE not less. She's veggie too.

  • Thanks for the advice. I do worry as I had my gall bladder out last year and was told the only way to loose fat was exercise and cut down on carbs. So I have and still get the symptoms plus I am half fat.:(

  • You may also need a rise in your medication. Weight gain is a symptom which should reduce when on optimum meds.

  • Now there's a thought. I haven't felt my best of late. Thank you.

  • Coconut oil is meant to be good for metabolism and for thyroid, I eat 3 tablespoons a day. Still struggling with weight but slowly slowly getting there.

  • Never know that,thanks.

  • Hi Beaton,

    Maybe take a look at the Harcombe Diet. I've met Zoë Harcombe who, in my opinion, is clued up and coming from a position of integrity. There's a good online support network too. There is a small membership fee but it's something like a quid a week for access to the forum. I don't want to knock Slimming World as it seems to work for a lot of people, but among my many reasons for preferring the Harcombe approach is the emphasis on eating "real" unprocessed food. In fairness, I haven't been to SW for some years now and there's probably variation from group to group so things may have changed. Re. coconut oil, I use a brand called Essence of Eden, which tastes great. I'll admit to being a bit hopeless in terms of taking it consistently, but I've felt better when I have taken it. Hope it's OK that I've mentioned these names – just giving my opinion as a customer/client/member and have no commercial links with anything of them.


  • Hi Taffhamster,This one is new to me,looked it up,some good recipes. Has anyone else tried it?

  • I wonder if you're not eating enough. Slimming world may well get your metabolism going again. I was losing weight up until Christmas and then it stopped so I started slimming world. Good luck.

  • Good point.I must admit,sometimes I feel quite hungry between breakfast and lunch(my main meal.) but later in the day food doesn't interest me.

  • Fruit and crudités are good to keep your metabolism ticking. Also if your body gets beyond hunger you can feel disinterested in food. Hope you get something sorted x

  • Thanks for that Mrsmoon.

  • That echoes what I heard mentioned at Slimming World – they told one member that she probably needed to eat more "free food" to give her metabolism a kick up the bum and it seemed to help her.

  • I'd like to confirm what others have said in that a group plan could be very helpful. 10 days ago after trying to do some gardening on that spring day we had, I suddenly decided I would try Weight Watchers. I'd had enough of 'eating carefully' and nothing happening. I went along the next day and when I said I took Thyroxine the leader said that I should cut out bread/cakes/scones etc and cheese. She has run the class for 30 years and has worked this out over the years. I also take letrazole - she said to cut out nuts and cured/smoked/pickled food.

    Over the last week I have eaten exactly the same foods as I was eating before except for bread and cheese (I didn't eat cakes/biscuits/chocolate etc anyway) and more or less the same quantities. I've lost over 5lb and I feel great - I don't have the 'old woman' feeling any more. I can move so easily!

    I went along not expecting to lose anything because several weeks ago I reluctantly agreed to reduce the Levo from 150 to 100 (another story). I gloomily expected to have even more problems with weight.

    Obviously it is early days. My attitude was I had nothing to lose by trying a group. Do try it!

  • Hi Quilter,Hope you are doing ok.Yes a group plan might help.It might give me more ideas.Thank you.

  • Do let us know how you get on. Good Luck!

  • Hi beaton, Slimming World helped my to lose over 4st in the last year. I joined a group and the support they have given me has been fantastic. The focus is eating freshly prepared food but the plan is flexible enough to include all your favourites. Even though I have achieved my target weight I still attend the group sessions to keep on track.

  • Thanks Helly,I shall look into it.

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