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Normal tsh ,.t4 top of range.... Is this normal and ok?

Been on higher dose 75,, up from 50, thyroxine for month and my recent test shows tsh 1.9 range up to 4.2 and t4 22 , range to 22, i would have expected the tsh to be lower and when i google it , it mentions possible conversion prob. Is it ok and safe for t4 to go slightly above range as long as tsh is ok?? thanks in advance ,,,

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Ian, a month isn't long enough to have any solid answers. It takes at least six weeks for the T4 to take effect and the TSH lags way behind.

But if we take the results as they stand, TSH is too high for someone on thyroid hormone replacement. Are you worried that that high T4 makes you hyper? It doesn't. It's high T3 that makes you hyper, not T4.

Don't worry about it, wait the full time and see what happens.

Hugs, Grey


Hi Make sure you have an up to date Free T3 test, that is the only way to tell that you need T4 and T3 on a script. May make all the difference to how you feel, especially effects weight.Also the other usual tests.



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