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Blood test query please x

Having my blood test tomorrow - finally! have just completed 8 weeks on a raised dose of 25mcg to 50mcg doing ok not so cold, better mentally. Still really tired. I am taking B12 and Vit D3 as recommended by you guys, thank you. Went out by myself the other day - first time in nearly four weeks. Had my haircut, met my husband for lunch. After three hours felt tired so got the bus home. Unfortunately it wasn't soon enough and as I walked home from the bus stop I was so tired my leg went, and I kissed the pavement! Can't go out without a responsible adult:(

My question is do I take my usual dose at about midnight or leave it until after said test tomorrow? I am also have a test for Hashi's.

Hope everyone had a great Easter :) x

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I leave mine until after the blood draw the next day.

That said, I always try to get the blood draw as early as possible (08:00) and take the tablet immediately afterwards. For the one day, I ignore any interaction between breakfast and levothyroxine!

However, do not let yourself feel bad doing this.



Thanks Rod. I will do as you suggest and get my blood drawn early and take my tablet straight after. :) x


Someone may have another idea but I would miss out your midnight dose and take it next night. Levo you take today has a half life of approx 8 days.


Thanks Shaws. I will be taking my tablet after my blood is drawn. :) x


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