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Cure for insomnia

You could watch paint dry though. OK 6.20 am and still awake. I was planning on a hot cross bun walk this morning with my walking group. No can do as shattered. At least there are 4 out the 6 buns left.I have converted to Quorn for chilli so some attempt to get cholestrol down.

Relieved but sad that its dawn. The darkest hour etc but also another wasted day. I wish I could sort my sleeping/ energy out. Was on the verge on pain killers earlier because my knees and legs hurt.Feel achy all over.I find it difficult to plan at the moment because I never know if I will sleep or how well I will feel.

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I know the feeling well , and have often wondered what a normal nights sleep would be like, no watching house dr at 4 in the morning, or giving in and getting up to make a drink, I can also comiserate with the joint pain, mine is mostly in my legs like an aching restless leg, i spent most of the night propping them up on pillows turning over taking pain killers but it mostly never goes especialy at night, oh well another day now of dozing on and off . . . Happy Easter everyone x x


I used to have joint/muscle pain but it has all gone now and saw a neurologist. He gave me the all clear but the pain continued.

Sometimes a different levo can help but it is more difficult now as one pharmaceutical company may produce several.

Also, if you are not on enough medication can cause pain too.


I had insomnia. It finally resolved when I took Naturethroid - Before that - the worst was levothyroxine and afterwards I tried six other types but the above worked for me.

Everyone is different and what works for one person doesn't always have the same effect on another. It is trial and error to find which suits. Unfortunate due to the guidelines, levo is the only thyroid hormone replacement the NHS advises.


I'm undiagnosed with an ME diagnosis. Had a TSH of 3.9 twice. Been housebound for years, loosing hair etc etc. insomnia was one of my worst symptoms. I was awake til 5, 6, 7 am every day. Then I tried Nutri-Thyroid supplements. I started on a quarter and I fell asleep around 4am that first day. With every increase, i fell asleep earlier. By the time I was on 3 Nutri-Thyroids I was falling asleep at around midnight - sonething I hadn't done since I was a kid.

I don't know why I had such a dramatic response - Dr M says it might be a T3 problem as T3 affects circadian rhythms. ???


...I too have been sleeping better with T3 - even when I take it at bedtime having forgotten earlier in the evening ! 6.25 x 4 !


I doubt that the Levo will sort the insomnia out, I've always had it and suspect its unrelated. I've only just started to take it, so hoping the achiness and torpor will improve.

Happy Easter everyone. :)


Has anyone tried using CBT to overcome their insomnia?


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