Hi advice needed on Vitamin B12 test and folate

I am going for these tests next Monday. I did ask for a ferritin test too but my GP (I live in south wales) says that the lab doesn't do the ferritin test. Why is this????

Could anyone tell me what I should be looking for in terms of my results. I don't want to go to see the GP and him say, "you are in range" only to find I'm barely in on the bottom end of the range .... as I have been told about my thyroid results for 25 years!

Coming on this forum has taught me to research things for myself and be prepared when I go to an appt ..... I never was in the girl guides to learn that vital lesson!!!

Thanks all xxx

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I live in South Wales, and I asked my Dr If I could have the Ferritin test because I don't think I had it done and he said yes I can, and the Lab done the test. I am also having my VIT D blood test next week.

My Vit B12 WAS 800 and 2 years ago it was 500 but I have never been on supplements of any kind, so I don't know why it increased. My Folate was 7.2- 3 months ago and 2 years ago it was 3.1 I don't know the ranges.


Thanks lucky23

Where about in South Wales do you live. I live in Blaenavon and Torfaen is my county. I'm wondering if different health districts do different tests or whether I'm being 'fobbed off'? xx



I live less than 5 minutes from the new hospital in Ystrad Mynach. I had my Ferritin done no problem and I had it done 2 years ago as well. Perhaps you should see another Dr at your local surgery or are they all the same.

I asked the nurse If I could have a Free T3 blood test back in December 2012 she ticked the box, but the lab refused to do it, but one of the Dr's at my local surgery requested that they should do it, so, I had it done in the end. It was a Dr I hardly ever see. I did'nt realise until I joined this site that Hypothyroid could be so complicated.

Hope you will sort it out soon.



I'll have another word with my GP about it as others seem to think that the ferritin test is a very routine one. xx


If he refuse again, I would ask him why. Hope you have better luck this time!x


Thanks I will! I'm not going to let this go without one hell of a fight!!! X


I don't blame you, Dr's are supposed to make us feel better not worse. I think anyone who has an underactive thyroid should have the necessary blood tests every year. We should'nt have to fight for them.

Good luck x


Depending on what range your GP's lab is using you really need your B12 in the top quater of the range. The normal B12 range is 190 - 900 so people on here aim for 700ish.

If your result is over 190 (mine was 251, which is still low) he will almost certainly give you the "in range" answer and, apart from supplimenting yourself, there isn't alot you can do about it. Some GP's wont even treat when vitamins are badly low in range let alone if you are one point over the bottom of the range.

Dont know if the ferritin thing is an excuse to save money by your GP but I've never heard of a lab that wont test for this. Saying that my GP wouldn't but that was her doing, propably due to cost, and not the labs.

Moggie x


Thanks Moggie!

I will push for treatment if mine is low so to know the ranges is brilliant. I am beginning to think it is cost so I'm going to question my GP further about the ferritin test. For warned is for armed!



Sounds to me like utter rubbish....its not an uncommon test to run. As Moggie says it sounds like an excuse but thats poor practice/care. Give the lab a call and ask them, failing that maybe a new gp?

Good luck!

K x x


Hi babycatcher7572!

I'd never thought about contacting the lab directly - but how do I find that information out. I'm sure my GP won't give it. I am going to push him on it though the next time I see him. I've becoming quite 'bolshy' about my health these days... something I've not been for 25 years ... to my cost!!!

B x x


It is on the internet - but the Welsh health websites do seem to be in a bit of a mess at present.

Maybe start here:


If necessary ring your nearest hospital and ask them how to contact the lab or contact PALS there (if you have them!)


Thanks Rod!

I'll contact my local hospital. I'm determined to get the tests I need as feeling so awful is not how I want to continue!

Thank you for your knowledge of so many things ... I have read a lot of your information to members on the forum and I am learning all the time ... thanks to people like you!!



I suspect your GP mis-heard or mis-associated or mis-remembered.

They have ceased doing TRANSFERRIN testing. Have a read of this document - pages 2 & 3. (Idiots have put up a version with commercial "PROOF" across important information. Still you can just about make it out. And this 2011 document is the best I could find.)




Cheers Rod! I think you are being very generous there with my GP!!



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