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How much T3/T4?

I have fibromyalgia (and hashimotos) and am currently seeing a private endocrinologist. When I met him a couple of weeks ago he said to me (and wrote the same to my doctor) that he thought it would definitely be worth trying me on some T3. "Her T3 is in the lower part of the normal range and her T4 is towards the upper part of the normal range. Therefore, when I see her next time if she is not completely okay in terms of her various symptoms I think we should try her on T3 5mcgs three times a day and slightly decrease her thyroxine".

I am currently on 150mcg of Eltroxin a day, Please could someone tell me what dose of Thyroxin I should be on taking 15mcgs of T3 a day, and whether this dose of T3 will be adequate or may need increasing?

Many thanks for your help in advance.

Best wishes


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When T3 was added to my T4, I had to reduce 50mcg levo for 10mcg .

I think you should give it a week to see how you are feeling, and if not good adjust things slightly. I improved the more T4 I reduced and increased the T3. Hopefully your dose will improve your situation.


Thanks you shaws. That's really helpful.


I guess this varies - I have fibro and hashi's too and my endo reduced my thyroxine from 125mcg to 100 when he added 20mcg of T3. Probably you need it tuned to your requirements. This might take a wee while, but worth it to get it right. Having T3 made a HUGE difference to my fibro symptoms.

Best of luck with it.


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