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A different Levothyroxine - Almus?

Just a quick question. I usually get given either Mercury Pharma or Activas Levo but have now just been given this other brand for the first time. Has anyone heard of Almus or know if it's similar to the others?

I don't think I've had any issues with the other two but am thinking it might be time to ask for just one brand????

Thanks :)

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Almus is not different at all. It is simply Actavis packaged for Boots.

You can see this here:

Other information here:

And here:



Thank you :)


If you look on the PIL inside the box, and probably the blister pack itself, it's very likely that you will see the name Actavis. Please take a look and let us know?


Thanks Red Apple, you're right! I just panicked lol


Understandable! :D


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