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Fibro, CFS, Depression OR badly treated hypothyroidism?

I was send this article by friends recently. They have heard me say that I don't believe I have all of the above despite being diagnosed and treated for them. Instinctively and because of reading a lot of research papers, I believe if my hypothyroidism was adequately treated, I wouldn't have the above problems.

I could maybe even return to being a productive (GDP productive) member of society, not have to be seen as a scrounger and increase my pension.

I will try to do what I can within my very limited budget!

Christine ;)

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This is a link

If you also cursor down the left hand side of the page (there are of course other topics at the top of the page) you will see a Link to Fibromyalgia Research Foundation and another for nutrition. This website is archived at the moment so some links within the articles may not be accessible but you still get lots of info.


Hi Whippetlover, I completely agree with you! It is a disgrace that they have to invent new 'diseases' to cover their abominable treatment of thyroid patients, and ignorance of all things thyroid.

Personally, I wouldn't stand for it - I haven't stood for it! And neither should anyone else. Insist on the treatment you deserve and don't be put off by red fibro herrings into believing you have 36 different diseases when, in fact, you only have one!

Hugs, Grey x


yes me too, agree, deseases with no known cause, low thyroid is the culprit, in my opinion I always agree with the professional that I have wide spread pain, therfore could they tell me what the cause is, lol no answer except pain meds.

its pants, grey goose thumbs up. x


I also agree and am still fighting! :)


Ditto ALL!!!!



I have mentioned this recently on another post but, when i was on 250mcg of levo and still very symptomatic while my blood levels looked fine tsh supressed and ft4 near the top i was told that its not my thyroid now and that i have CFS and ME and then i was told there isnt anything i can do about the way i feel. I didnt agree, i thought i wasnt converting t4 into t3 so i went private and i am on t3 only treatment and feel nearlly well!!! I was so close to being diagnosed with CFS and ME and thast so wrong. If i wasnt as strong minded as i am then i would be here today still very ill. I do know people with ME that dont have a thyroid issue and it is very dibilitating for them so im not saying these other conditions dont exist but, i do agree that if your still symptomatic when your levels look ok and particularly if your on Levothyroxine or similar then unfortunatly its a lot easier to be diagnosed with these other conditions.

What i would like to know though, if you are hypothyroid and you have fibro, CFS or ME or all three etc then how do you know what symptom belongs to which disorder? as they all overlap dont they? how do you know your thyroid is fine but the symptoms your suffering with are due to the other conditions?

My mother had many diagnosis (except hypo) which she is taking nearly a chemist full of medcation for but the specialists dont think she has a thyroid problem (which ive told her i think she has) as her tsh is 3.? and her ft4 is 15...all within normal range, but she's getting worse as time goes on. 6 yeras ago she was fine now she has a diagnosis of CFS, ME, Fibromialgia, Polymialgia, high blood pressure, high chloresterol, depression, carpel tunel syndrome, rumatoid arthritis, siatica...i think thats it??!!


My recent and ongoing T3 only treatment is teaching me an interesting and valuable lesson re the symptoms of being hypothyroid vis a vis ME/CFS/fibro. I was diagnosed long ago (17 yrs) with hypothyroidism and treated successfully with T4 for several years. At the beginning I only had excessive fatigue with few other symptoms.

It was several years later that I began to have a lot of viral symptoms, and as I was going through the menopause I put it all down to that. Then I developed worse symptoms and eventually got a diagnosis of ME/CFS 4 yrs ago, and didn't ever link it with my thyroid as my TSH was nearly always perfect!

Since last year I began to explore the thyroid issues more, and tried T3/T4 unsuccessfully. Now I am trying T3 and CT3M but have to start the T3 slowly so currently I am undermedicated (week 4 now). Immediately I have an array of classic ME/CFS/fibro symptoms - but of course I KNOW they are hypo symptoms due to the T4 withdrawal and not enough T3 yet...... I have muscle pain/brain fog/fatigue. My symptoms on T4 were not so severe, but still I had enough fatigue issues to want me to improve more.

Hopefully the T3 will get to the cells eventually and improve my function re my stamina which has been sadly lacking for years. Only time will tell......


...I think Dr Peatfield comments in his book that Fibro is the name given by the Americans to ME/CFS...or it may be the other way around ! My book is out on loan at the cannot check the reference !!

Am pleased to report that the Fibro I was diagnosed with in 2000 after being downgraded from PMR - improved when I started T4 treatment for Hashimotos in 2005 and improved even more with the introduction of T3 and VitD. Now T3 only.


Thanks all. ceejay, I don't 'know' anything for sure. I've done a lot of reading and there is so much around being hypothyroid and the relationship with illnesses such as ME/CFS and fibromyalgia. I don't know which symptoms belong to which illness - or even if I really have these illnesses or just badly treated hypothyroidism.

Agapanthus - have never heard of CT3M but I will check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

Marz, according to - the NHS information source for patients (with all the NHS limitations) clearly states that ME/CFS are two names for the same illness. There are others.

Fibromyalgia is a different illness according to this source and to WHO. I have been trying to get a VitD test for years. Am seeing my GP next week and will refuse to have my annual thyroid check up if I don't get one. I have asked before but have been refused. I need to get everything on NHS or I can't afford them.

I am prescribed Thiamin and Folic Acid but nobody has told me what for. Pernicious Anemia?




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