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TSH 2.63 Likely to be hypo?

I am new here with all the symtpms of hypo, but when asked GP said my thyroid was normal;my last TSH was 2.63. Ive seen several posts here that say it should be below 1 so any comment anyone?

Thanks to Thyroid UK I am going to see GP with hubbie on Friday to ask for further tests. My symptoms have emerged during a period off work with stress and also the menopause...been off alcohol for 2 years but still got high liver enzymes also high cholesterol and gained loads of weight. Lost outer eyebrows, tired, sleepy etc etc ut I am SURE I am hypo so wish me luck as I see the GP but I'd like someones comment on the TSH of 2.63 Thanks

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the trouble is there isn't a normal number as we are all different. I was very poorly with a TSH of 3 which within a year rose to 10.

It seems that most of us don't feel well until we get our TSH to under 1, which isn't what all doctors agree with.

I am sure that things will be clearer if you have your thyroid antibodies tested, is there thyroid disease or other autoimmune diseases in the family?

Have your next blood tests done at 8 am when the hospital opens as your TSH is at it's highest around 3am.

Do you have all of the classis symptoms? Do you ever watch Dr Chris Steele? he has said on several occasions how passionately he feels about going by patient's symptoms, therefore he gives a trial of levothyroxine when the patient has normal blood results but classic hypo symptoms and family history.

I hope that you have a sympathetic doctor and that you can get somewhere!


On the face of it, a TSH of 2.63 doesn't suggest hypothyroidism. However, the TSH is only part of the story. To get a better picture, FT4 and FT3 also need to be tested. Those results will probably be the deciding factors on whether a trial of medication would be warranted. If they are also within range, the doctor is unlikely to offer treatment.

The talk about TSH needing to be below one only applies to people who are on replacement thyroid hormone. I suspect the majority of non-hypothyroid (and non-symptomatic) people have a TSH greater than one.

Best wishes for your GP visit. Let us know the outcome!


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