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What to expect with my first follow up appointment

I went to see Dr S the first week of Jan and he confirmed that I have all the classic signs of underactive thyroid. Like a lot of you I have been suffering for many years and remained undiagnosed until I came across this forum before Christmas. Dr S put me on a graduated dose of levothyroxine and I am now up to a daily dose of 100mcg. It has made my symptoms considerably worse and I now have new symptoms to cope with as well eg continual memory loss, constant drunk feeling, insomnia, hands like ice, hard to concentrate, spaced out feeling etc.

I'm not sure what to expect when I see Dr S next week and whether I'm supposed to be getting my own blood tests done before I see him or not? I had to go private in Jan as my GP would only test for TSH last year and as my blood test came back normal she refused to do anything more for me saying there was no clinical need.

This is a fantastic forum and I thank you all so much for helping me and each other.

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Hi Well when I saw Dr. S many years ago, he rarely did blood tests However ,if you take them with you , in any case, it does cut down on visits although, I am sure he can do them if you ask. it always takes a long time to be right, with blood tests and increase doses of thyroxine and often later T3 if Free T3 is low. It is possible to be worse before feeling better.

Best wishes,



Fax (or leave a phone message) to Dr S and ask what tests he would like. If TSH is sufficient for him, ask your GP. If not it is better to have the TSH or anything else he requires before you go, then he knows exactly how to proceed as well as taking your symptoms into consideration.


I'm on my 3rd visit to Dr S and only took tests the 1st visit as now my GP refuses to do them. Dr S has never asked for tes results or suggested having them done, he alters my meds etc based on how I feel. You will probably find that as long as he doesn't think you are showing any signs of hyper/toxic then he will increase your dose again as I don't think it is uncommon to get worse before you get better. I don't have much experience with all of this tho so might be wrong. I'm currently on 200mcg Levo after 7 months and struggling with it.


Many thanks all for your very helpful replies.


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