Some humour re 'normal' thyroid tests

Hi think it's clear that we are all fairly frustrated re the tsh testing used by most gp's to determine whether your thyroid is 'normal'.

Came across this and thought it time to inject a bit of humour. If you don't know whether to laugh or cry have a grin watching this. The voice is a bit tinny but there's some good information - I learnt a few bits about the testing that's currently used.

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  • Thanks for posting this Irene, it did make me smile. Should be compulsory viewing for all GPs and Endos at least, if not all medics!

  • That is too funny and probably a bit too close to the mark!

  • Absolutely fabulous! I'm identical to this woman except the gorgeous outfit!

  • I would love to get my GPs to see this! The last one I saw, who told me that I was thyrotoxic as my tsh was sub 0, (although I know that I still have the symptoms of hypo.), said that he didn't have time to look at websites about thyroidism. He had the blood tests and that was all he was interested in. But then I went undiagnosed for many years as my blood tests were "within the normal range". His colleague (now mercifully retired) told me that "no-one has an underactive thyroid".

    A local endo, refused to see me as I take dessicated thyroid - about which the GPs know nothing, some have not even heard of it!!

    Why is it such a battle with medics.?

  • This is so funny! If I closed my eyes it was as if my GP was in the room!

  • Glad you enjoyed it. I get desperate for some humour and sometimes some of the situations we encounter you just couldn't make up! I especially love it when the doc mentions how important he is cos he's wearing a suit :-)

  • hear hear! xx

  • ha ha! Laughter is the best medicine - and informative too!

  • Absolutely brilliant!!! :-)

  • Oops forgot to say this was courtesy of Jane who passed this video to GlutenFreeGuerrillas facebook page. Several auto immune topics are discussed on there as it sems that if you an auto immune problem you are likely to have more than one :-)!/glutenfreeg...

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