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Worried about bloods

Should I have my tsh level checked before seeing endo. They were "considered normal" and my endo is purely going on symptoms only. I'm concerned that if they are low now due to taking thyroxine or normal my doc may argue that either they are not right fir me or says they are not working and takes me off the med. I started in December and am slowly noticing subtle differences and even having glimpse moments of normality. Btw I'm taking 100mg of levothyroxine.

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My endo always gives me a form to get my bloods done the week before I see him , may be worth giving his secertary a ring and ask to have one sent to you !!!


and when you get the form don't forget to put a tick in the FERRITIN Box! Good luck


Lucky you, having someone who takes your symptoms into consideration. That is a real rarity, most simply use the TSH value and ignore everything else! Never ever accept "normal" as an answer ALWAYS ask for the specific values and get a print out!!!! So in future you can monitor how you feel with a particular dose. The so-called "normal "range is so wide that what is normal for one is not for another.( Normal for a pregnant teen will be different from that of a diabetic 40 yr old and neither will be normal for an underweight 75 yr old man!)



I love the comparison between the teenager,40 yr old and 75 yr old.That really explains it clearly.Well done and thankyou.I know which category I come into!



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