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over active thyriod

Hi all thyroid probs are in our family,however Mum was over active at 16 and had the radio iodine drink over in liverpool Mums now just turned 65 and has all the symtoms i had when i was over active,im now under as they did a full thyriodectomy but thats another story.but when Mum has a TFT she keeps getting told she is borderline over active but gets given nothing to make her feel better any help would be much appreciated thank you Jayne

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You simply have to get her tested - again, if possible - TSH, FT4 and FT3. And get the numbers (and reference ranges). This link might help in gaining access:

Does your mum take any medicines? For the thyroid or for anything else? Or supplements?

Let's see those numbers then we can consider where she is.

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Thank you very much indeed ,i shall pass your information onto Mum, really appreciate it thank you Jayne


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