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How do you change Endo on the NHS?

I recently had my first Endo appointment. I am extremely disappointed. How do you shift referral? What is the procedure? Does anyone know how to go about this?

I have suffered with a crap GP for ten years then swapped and what a difference. I won't suffer with a rubbish Endo who basically told me to continue buying my own meds on the black market. They'll have one more bite of the cherry then they're out. But I need to know how to swap.

Any info is most appreciated.

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Go to the choose and book site, I'm sure it will be helpful in finding out your rights It even has very helpful FAQs section, and the site explains everything very clearly.

Hope this helps.


Hi You need a new referral, try a different GP while yours away! Check out ,first, which endo you want to see, do not rely on "their" choice. hospitals lists for names then their own CV on the WEB



Thanks very much guys for being up and about this early :) Most helpful.


Pick the hospital you know the endo you want works at (choose and book) when you get your appointment ring his secretary and ask to see him specifically - say how good he is and how it would really really help you to see him (lay it on thick!). Often they say' can't guarantee it you may have to see a member of his team but I'll try for you'. On the day ask the nurses to see him specifically even if you have to wait, say you don't mind.

I've done this several times and the nurses now know I won't see the 'juniors' in the team!

good luck


Thank you!! tips from the top :)


Any time! One of 'team' asked me my date of birth (this was last year) I said 1954 she said are you 60? She was a qualified doctor - ekkkkkk!


Ah Auldreekie, I would have said you're 35 and not a minute over!!


I just asked the endo I was seeing to refer me to one of her colleagues and she did.


I should be grateful she thought I was only 60! I look 80!

Deskplant you are sooo kind!


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