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Kick-start my Metabolic Rate?

Is there anything I can take to speed up a metabolic rate that is virtually at a standstill? Asked my GP this morning and she didn't even know what it was... Omfg, inspiring isn't it???

I'm on 100mcg Levothyroxine per day, but it's doing jack-s**t! Every aspect of my health is grinding to a halt and even getting rid of a cold I've had since Christmas day is almost impossible!

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Hi - no-one's answered so you're stuck with me! Noswaith dda

I'm currently trying extra vits, Ginseing & trying out a cross trainer (makes me cross anyway)

If I say something stupid then hopefully a sensible person will HAVE to correct it!

Don't you think you ought to give that mask back? they're having a bit of trouble as it is! best wishes x


Hi Zephyrbear,

Yep agree with spareribs they deserve all the help they can get so the mask's on the list to go back.!! But seriously... How long have you been on Levo @ 100mcg.. Are you taking them last thing at night with only water.. New study and great advice from Helvella made an improvement to how I felt with dragging myself out of bed in the morning,

Are you taking any Vit's?? Selenium seems to have helped me (it's supposed to help the T4 T3 conversion) I take it in the morning and I'm beginning to feel a bit more human. WIth Vit C B and D thrown into the mix.

What are your TSH and T4 readings as you could be under medicated.. TSH needs to be close to Zero and T4 at the very top or over the lab range on your tests.

I've read on here about a totally fresh food diet that seem's to be working for one blogger (I haven't got the will power or energy to be THAT good but if it helps even one person then it might be worth it) and it's also helping her sleep.

Other than that Spareribs ... I'd be cross on the cross trainer too as I'm STILL too tired to even think about sustained exercise, your brave. Your comments did make me smile and that's a rare thing at the moment!! Thanks.

Zeph.. Be kind to yourself, build it slowly, it takes us HypO's much longer than everyone else to get near normal... Keep smiling Perks


Could someone please tell me what T3 and T4 s are. I may be a bit our of time but I just dont know. Thank You x


If you find the answer to speed up your metabolic rate let us know we could all do with a bit of that , although in saying that I have had my T3 upped to 10 mcg and have lost some weight , and the DR where I work said if your meds are correct you should be able to loose weight .............

Good luck Jan Xx


Thanks for all of your answers. I love this site, it's so nice to know that I'm not the only one that's coming up against the brick wall of medical ignorance! I'm due to see the endo some time in the next couple of months (when they can fit me in...) and I shall certainly be pushing for some T3 instead of the T4 replacement. It certainly seems to help a lot of people who have left comments here. I've been on my present dose of thyroxine for the last 5 years as far as I can remember... Before that I was on 150mcg, but all my fingernails started lifting off the nailbeds and that was treated as some undefined infection until I watched an episode of Chicago Hope in which one of the characters commented about another's hyper-thyroidism in connection with that particular feature. As soon as I dropped the dose, the fingernails re-attached themselves and I've not had any further bother from that since. Is our endocrine condition the only one that doesn't qualify for automatic regular follow-up consultations with the specialists - I'm sure no diabetic would be allowed to go 10 years between visits...

The mask is my work... you can see the full version on my own website at


Totally agree they just leave us with a yearly blood test. I am on 100mcg and I have a nail bed detaching. My Doctor told me I might have banged it but my daughter who is a nurse told me it was due to my thyroid problems.

Thank you to everyone for all the help,


Dear Zephyrbear, Just to say had a look at your website and you have some wonderful work shown.. a pleasure to look through Perks


ooh - link didn't work before - ok if you copy & paste it 'tho.

Beautiful & very varied stuff! You have been busy! - I especially like the heraldry, always did growing up in an old house, sinister, dexter & stuff....

(Please forgive my teasings, sometimes it just sneaks out :) )


Dear perks and spareribs,

Thank you so much for the kind comments about my work!


With regard to you cold I recommend Neem , Turmeric and Echinicea.

Had piggy flu at the begining of last year and it took me 4+ weeks to get rid of it.

At xmas husband got it, so I decided I didn't want it again and took the above. Even though he was coughing and spluttering all over me day and night I didn't get it!


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