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My Basal body temps are mostly between 35.5 and 36.0 C. And metabolic rate is 1300.

Does this sound hypothyroidic to anyone?

I have managed to contact a consultant at my hospital who has said he will put his name to a request for full thyroid blood tests if my GP puts my blood through to the labs, so they will all get done.

I have to go to the GP in a couple of weeks, so am doing a graph chart to show her how low my temperature is first thing at morning and last thing at night (along with my seep pattern).

Do you think there is anything in particular I should tell the GP which will help her understand how awful I feel.

I am getting to the point where I can barely stay awake during the day (and on the 3 days I work, I nodd off if I am not moving around) And work colleagues are now commenting on how I look like I must be doing too much in my spare time (when in fact over the last few months I have done very little due to feeling rough!).

I have just gone through a rough menopause (hot flushes) and have been on a tablet that I didn't think was doing me any good, but that is all over now - am on a tablet I am OK with and no more flushes, and the thyroidal symptoms I am left with now.

My last T4 test many years ago was 11.5 and I was around 3.5 THS. Because the GPs didn't find this a suspicious result, I fear that is why they jumped onto my Fibromyalgia suggestion soon after that.

I have since found out my figures, and also found out that the main professor who promotes not giving people further testing resides at my hospital, which then of course could have influenced why the Rheumi consultant never went down the thyroid path either and said "Yup, fibromyalgia" - very similar symptoms. If it wasn't for being really bad over the last year or so, I would have stayed with that diagnosis.

So at least I have got a step further - I just have hope the GP can take up the offer from this kind consultant to help me, and let me have more tests.


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Your basal pulse says hypo but GP's haven't a clue what it means, I am afraid. This is a link and there are other topics at the top of the page which may interest you but some links within these may not work.



Hi Shaws! Thanks for the link :-) It looks like a doorway to quite a bit of information to slap on the GPs lap if I don't get anywhere. Pathogmany...true many doctors are as stated in that article you forwarded me to, so that is a good trait to ask about when I change practices (I have had it in mind to do so for a while), as can suss out, if a GP doesn't know what it means, then he probably doesn't do it?

I know about GP ignorance - one of the GPs I saw had never heard of 5HTP and another couldn't work out why I would want to take Enzyme Q10 along with statins, but you do hear of some who buck the trend (and pay for it if not careful), so a search for those will be under way if I get nowhere with the extra tests. This gP practice have already put 3 other patients papers in my records, so I have every reason to move anyhow without this!

I am now going to disappear and do some copy and pasting! Thanx :-) Glenys


..if you are on statins - that too can indicate hypothyroidism... Years ago before the TSH blood test was invented - they treated the thyroid when cholesterol was raised. I too have slightly raised cholesterol which I ignore as I prefer to go with the homocysteine result - which has come down 4 points... I quite understand why you would want to take Q10...

Have you seen Dr Sarah Myhills video about Fibro - she thinks when you have lowered metabolism muscles are stuck with the lactic acid and not metabolised....hence the pain. For athletes that is just a short phase but for others - well it goes on longer and longer....

Hope all goes well :-)


Hi Marz - I found the link on Youtube you left above, but it only shows a bit of the talk - do you know if the original programe can be sourced anywhere else, please?


I did find this though :-)



--her website is so full of good information - glad you found it. Can't remember where I saw the YouTube bit with Dr Myhill - will browse through my files and see if anything comes up.... :-)


This is another link, you may have noticed it at the side of the above link. Dr Lowe was Director of the Fibromyalgia Research Foundation. Unfortunately, for us, he died two years ago caused by an accident.


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Do be careful with statins. Many people find that they have side effects and make them ill.

Can't find a link at the moment - sorry, but you can google for it.

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Thanks all :-) As it happens I took myself off the stains when I found out about the side effects mimicking the fibromyalgia I am supposed to have - I didn't want to make the symptoms I already had any worse! I have always hasd high cholesterol - usually between 7 and 8 on the scale - right back to my 20s when I was only around 9 stone (am 12 stone now and it is exactly the same level). Thanks for the links Marz, Shaws and Anthea55 :-)

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Doctors don't like asking for the Homocysteine to be tested as it is expensive - 40 euro here in Crete as a guideline ! - but it may be worth it. Treatment is with all the B's - needs to be around 6 :-) I know some people here do not agree with my enthusiasm about homocysteine but my own body has been a lab-rat :-) Cholesterol low when diagnosed - also Homocysteine. Started T4 in 2005 and it went up as did the Homocysteine. Now on T3 and good vitamin regime and the Homocysteine has come down and the Triglyceride/HDL ratio is good. So will ignore if for now.....


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