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keeping warm

i hope this cold weather goes soon ,wearing a scarf to keep out the cold is a right pain in the swollen thyroid neck. on a better note iv'e been taking my meds at night for the past two weeks,and i feel much better in the mornings with no muscle spasms but my neck is still swollen until around midday and i'm definetly ready to sleep by ten.[ten at night ,but sometimes it quite tempting to go back to bed once my kids are at school].i guess someone has to do the housework......yawn!!.

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Have a couple of days off if you can and go back to bed for an hour or two. It does make a difference and may help recovery.


I have resorted to thermal undies and socks!!! I cannot abide anything around my neck, after a really bad bout of glandular fever 20 years ago!!

I have been known to run the hoover round, sit with a cuppa and go for a nap!! Thank heavens mine are grown up, the youngest is 17, and are no longer dependant on me taking them to school etc.

My heart goes out to those that feel as bad or worse than I do, and still have to go and get the kids from school xxxx

Ann xx


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