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Starting on Cortef


After nearly a year of just getting worse and trying under Dr P and Dr S, T3 only, levo and armour, I now off all thyroid meds and have just taken my first 2.5mcg of cortef.

I saw Dr P for the second time last week and he agreed that although my ASI test are ok and also all his tests I have all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue (constant dizzy, nausea, jumpy, intollerent to being around other people even husband and kids and the rest!) He has told me to trial cortef starting 5mcg moving to 20mcg a day. I hope this will finally be the magic pill!

I'm also going to start paleo diet in 2 weeks I want to give cortef time so if I get any results I know the cause. I will also be taking anti fungals as my candida is very high. And I will be movIng back on to t3 only when Dr P advises me.

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Dr P has widespread experience in Adrenal fatigue and hopefully, now that you have tried alternatives, that the Cortef is successful.

All our bodies are different and what suits one doesn't suit another - it is all 'trial and error' if levo doesn't suit you


Hi If this does not help,can you see a good endo.? You will be tested and looked at for lots of things around the endocrine system ,which is vast. An endo has a huge range of expertise due to the nature of their qualifications.

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